Monday, August 22, 2011

A Quilt for a Princess

With a skinny vanilla latte in hand, Vicki arrived at my door....not just on one morning last week, but two! And, she stayed all day. We made a little quilt. It was fabulous fun! 
 Vicki and I volunteered a few months ago to donate a basket to our quilt guild's silent auction fund raiser which is coming up in October. We thought it would be fun to design our basket around the theme of "Princess" since we both have grand daughters who love to pretend that they belong to royalty!
In fact, Vicki, who goes by Yia Yia to her grand daughters, had just finished creating an adorable "Princess" quilt for one of her girls. Why not make another one for the basket, we thought! And so we did. All day. For two days. Ahhhhhh......heaven. Some of her fabric combined with some of mine. Our quarter inch seams even matched perfectly! 
 We agreed that I would quilt it and Vicki would sew on the binding. I did all of the quilting while watching the KC Chiefs get beat on TV with my husband Friday night.
 Here you go,'s your turn to take over! Now, I just need to make a crown for some sweet little princess....
and Vicki will make a tutu. Hopefully, there will be lots of bids on our basket!


  1. What a gift the two of you are sharing. Will the monies raised be given to charity? The fabric prints and those crowns are great, and I appreciate for you that your quarter-inch seams matched. That's literally "a match made in heaven." Next year you'll have to think up a Princely theme!

  2. I'm reading your post with a skinny vanilla latte in my hand! Obviously, Vicki has excellent taste - in coffee, fabric and friends. Lovely quilt - congratulations!

  3. What a cute idea! We have a similar auction in October for our guild, and I love to see all the baskets. I'm not that creative, so I always just donate fabric.

    Glad you had such a good time!

  4. How lovely!

    It's fun to share the quilty pleasure, isn't it? I love sewing with my DD.

  5. Oh so cute. And how fun to sew with a friend.