Friday, August 19, 2011

Farmer's Wife Friday--Better a Farmer...

The eleventh week of the FWQAL for me and Cindy, finds us a making some challenging blocks to go along with the letter from Mrs C.R.M of Ramsey County, N.D. Let me introduce Tall Pine Tree, on the left, and Night and Day, on the right....
Mrs. M is pretty incensed that anyone would think her a slave to a thoughtless husband! She writes, "A farmer spends the winter months reading and has awakened to the fact that many farm wives are considered drudges. He thinks of what he has read, and applies to himself. If he loves his wife, is she not in his thoughts? Is he not planning to make her life easier? Emphatically, yes!" The 'Night and Day' block symbolizes his devotion....
 For me it symbolizes how long it almost took me to make this block! Remember that wonky thingy that I posted yesterday....
Well, that was my first try at making the upper left section of the 6 inch block. Ugh! it turned out sort of diamond shaped! What could be wrong? I double checked my templates and tried again. No better! Then, studying the pattern, I came to the conclusion that the templates for the dark and light larger triangles were transposed, thus making it impossible to make a square. Trying out my conclusion produced this lovely looking, complicated block!

 I patted myself on the back really hard and decided to email the author, Laurie Hird, about my discovery. I won't bore you with the details of the emails passed back and forth between us, but surprisingly it turns out that I was correct and am actually the first to point out the error in the two years since the book's publication! Secretly, I'm thinking that maybe I am the first and ONLY person to have ever actually ATTEMPTED to make the block!........ Nah! 
I will say that I was very impressed that Laurie did not just brush off my comment about the block as just a inept seamstress, but tested it out herself and found that not only were pieces #61 and #61R transposed, but 61R is not even included on the CD at the back of the book! Her conclusion is that the mistake was made by the graphic designer who created the CD. She will be adding the correction to her website. Whew!
Okay! If you are still with me, and care, here is the second, less complicated block...
 I'm not sure if it was because I was so rattled by the first block or what, but I actually did more 'unsewing' on this one than any I have made so far....all user error!! I like this block. It might be fun to some day use it to make a "Timber-lake" quilt. My husband is a Tall Pine in my eyes! Hee, hee!
I'm glad to be a country woman rather than a city gal who, "hasn't the beautiful, wide out-doors, the green fields, flowers, trees, or the invigorating fresh air which the country woman has and loves."
I wonder how Cindy did with her blocks this week? Better go check....


  1. I love these blocks! I really like how they all look together with the white w/black polka dot. That fabric really draws the eye! Great job Carla!

  2. I am proud to say I know the knowledgeable and skilled (in spite of any excessive unpicking) quilter who caught a BIG mistake in a two year old quilting book! You're SO good! And that special block is gorgeous, truly! I love how it came out, and that you have a story to go with it... well this quilt, when it's finished, will have lots of stories to tell between those of the farmer's wives and yours! I love, love, love how this is coming together. It's spectacular!

  3. The red and white block does look like a challenge for sure. You did great making it.

  4. Your blocks look absolutely gorgeous together! And even with your warnings, why did I have such a hard time with that block?? User error on my part for sure!

  5. You MAY the first person to actually do this block!! It looks very complicated but very cool! Great job.

  6. Sorry that you had so much trouble with the night and day block but good for you for being the first to actually identify the error in the book. It does look awesome! I really enjoy following yours and Cindy's progress on these blocks.

  7. Congratulations on your "discovery" - well done! I'm sure dozens of people will be grateful for it, even if they never read your blog! I hope your contribution has been duly noted.

  8. Wow, Carla! Good for you!

    ...loved the "tall pine" comment! sweet!

  9. This is going to be one beautiful quilt! Love your color choices and all the polka dots!

    Good for you for going to the author. I'm pretty sure I would be a chicken LOL

    Jennifer :)

  10. Lol! I am sooo glad. I tried this block multiple times...put it away, took it out to try I know why! Thanks"