Thursday, August 25, 2011

Friendly Quilting

You know that you have really made a good friend when she volunteers to machine quilt a project for you. For free. And, she's very, very awesome at machine quilting.........
 I have no idea  how Linda does this gorgeous and intricate quilting on her domestic sewing machine! But she does. Isn't it beautiful!  
 Linda recently won a blue ribbon for one of her quilts at the Iowa State Fair. Another quilt that she entered won Best of Show in it's division! Look at this beauty........
 I'm feeling like I won a prize myself when I look at my quilt and know the time she must have spent doing this 'friendly quilting" for me!
I am very blessed to have such a great quilting buddy.
Linda calls us FAB.............Friends After Blogging!
I'll show you all the finished quilt soon....gotta figure out the binding now....


  1. She did a wonderful job of the quilting! Yes, she must be a really good friend.

  2. Lucky you for having such a good friend! Linda's work is beautiful!!

  3. Such beautiful quilting. She's very talented!

  4. FAB are wonderful. Can't wait to see the reveal.

  5. Wow! That is just gorgeous. What a talented, giving friend you have there!

  6. Beautiful! Great job, Linda! Looking forward to the finish...

  7. You certainly are Blessed! ...
    Beautiful quilt + amazing quilting = :0)

  8. Wow! It's gorgeous!

    Linda - congratulations - your quilting is beautiful!

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  10. It is so gorgeous. Those little bits of polka dots are marvelous. It adds so much to the quilt without adding too much color. And your quilting is very attractive.