Friday, August 5, 2011

Farmer's Wife Friday--Worthwhile and Purposeful Things

Friday has rolled around again....(my, how time flies) and it's time to show you the blocks that I made this week for the FWQAL. Cindy and I are going to try to keep up the pace of posting once a week about our sampler blocks, but  both agree that without this commitment, we probably would have flaked out by now! And not because we don't like our blocks...we both do.....and we have enjoyed making them. It's just that Cindy and I both loooooovvvveee to start new projects and can get in over our heads maybe probably sometimes!
 Without further ado, the first block accompanying this week's letter by Mrs. M.H.M. from Charlotte County, VA, is this, easily recognizable and quickly made, Churn Dash block. I have always liked this block and, a few years ago, made an entire quilt of charming churn dash blocks in the same red and white color range. If you are interested, you can see that quilt here.
 The second block, called Squash Blossom, was the most time consuming of the four blocks this week. My Easy Angle ruler came in handy in cutting the angles properly. The unfortunate position of the big rose on my background fabric blends too much with the piecing. I thought about ripping it apart for about two seconds! Instead, I folded my laundry before my sweetie got home because, like the letter's author, " I find real joy in doing these worthwhile things that need to be done because the world needs the fruits of my labors."!! Hee hee!!
 Mrs. M. wrote several paragraphs about her love of becoming apparel but not really having the time to make a study of it because "other things come first". These next two blocks reflect that interest, however.  Bowtie is a simple block and quickly assembled. Instead of using templates, I used folded corner squares to make the little triangles.
 Ribbons, is a pretty block. The author spent her childhood in the city before living on a large farm for twenty years. I'm sure she tied many ribbons over the years. She says, "An unbelievable metamorphosis has been wrought in my ideas and ways of living and I would not have it otherwise. There is something so good, solid and genuine about farm life, and so much of sham, veneer and hypocrisy about city life. Country life is a great developer of character; the farm woman accomplishes so many worthwhile, purposeful things and never ceases to grow in mind, character and soul."
 To easily create the Ribbon block, I first cut strips the desired width and length. I also cut squares to use for making the small end triangles.
 I drew a line from corner to corner and sewed on the line and then folded back the square to make the triangles. This plan works great, especially when you make the strips and squares the right size. (Ask me how I know!)
 "Whatever lacks there may be in my life on the farm, I can always find greater lacks in the city woman's life and I often make comparisons."says the Virginia farmer's wife who valued her college education. I found myself wondering how 90 years of progress and conveniences have narrow the gap in those comparisons.
"Long life to my sister farm woman!" she ends.


  1. What fun it must be to do the blocks and read about these women. Have a great weekend? Are you still hot up there??

  2. I was THIS close to ending my post with that very same quote. I should have done it! Your blocks are beautiful. Finally I figured out how you would have constructed a block in a easier way than templates and did it! (Bowtie). Wish I would have thought about doing your method for Ribbons...that was my final block and it was late at night and it required my new seam ripper. *sigh*