Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Gone Astray!

A few have you have noticed my absence. Please don't be worried as I am doing fine. If you've sold a house recently, you will understand when I tell you that I've been super busy getting my house ready to sell and, now, keeping it ready for those invisible buyers that come through every few days!
 I barely let my husband sit on the couch, poor guy. You never know when that next house shopper is going to want to stop by! No, we don't have a house in mind to buy. We have just decided that the time is right to move back to "town". It's an adventure!
 You may remember that I've been sewing in my bedroom for several years. Well, that might seem strange to potential buyers, so I've moved to this cute cubby in the basement. I love the lighting...so much better than the bedroom. It's also very cool during the hot summer days. Now, if I can just find time to sew!
 I did make my three year old granddaughter, Lois, a little dress a while back to welcome her home from Nepal. Do you see those words "easy-to-sew"?
 Well...Miss Simplicity lied. This placket was a killer. It looks simple, doesn't it? That's just what I thought. But, no! Trust me on that. The pattern was only a buck on sale, so no tears were shed when it landed in the circular file, let's just say!
 The result is cute and fits Lois perfectly, although it's hard to tell in this blurry photo! 
 And just to prove to you that I'm still alive and well, here is hubby and me with six of our grandies right before shooting off a bunch of really cool fireworks on the 4th.
We will miss that next year, I know. 
Thanks for sticking with me.