Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Half Square Triangles

Here it is almost the middle of August and I'm still thinking it's July! My favorite season, summer, will soon be turning into autumn. But thinking it's still July is no excuse for falling behind on my swap blocks, so I played a little catch up yesterday. Here is Doris' Love in a Mist block made with lots of half square triangles......
 Doris sent me yellow scraps from her stash and the link to a great tutorial. Each member of the One Block Over Bee was sent a different color of fabric. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product!
 I enjoyed creating the block and can see my own scraps looking lovely in this great design!
 Just in case someone would think me a flake, I did something unusual and have already finished up the August month's block which will go to Terri in Wisconsin.
 Terri raided her stash for the Garden Party fabrics to make this fun Trip Around the World  block in jewel tones. This block is made entirely of half square triangles. 
I'll be making my way to the post office later today, ladies. There's a Sonic right on the way, and it's almost time for Happy Hour and half price diet vanilla Cokes!


  1. Happy hour with half priced vanilla diet coke! HA!

  2. Oh, that last block makes me swoon. :) Love them both, though!

    See you Thurs?

  3. I really like the yellow! You are going gang busters on those blocks.

  4. Those are the coolest blocks! Terri does love her AMH fabric, that's for sure!

  5. Oh, you take me back to our early years!! Not sure they had diet cokes but vanilla cokes.......yum yum! Your blocks are great. Feels good to catch up doesn't it?