Friday, April 1, 2011

My Favorite Pin Cushion

Cindy has become my invisible good friend. Isn't blogland awesome that way!
She makes these fabulous selvage pin cushions, 
matching "edgy words" with the recipient.
She blessed me with one as a birthday gift this week.  
 She chose every selvage especially for me, and I am still shaking my head wondering how she finds such perfect words.
 Even the back of the cushion makes me smile!
 Both Cindy and I have red-hair. We joke that we may be twins separated at birth.
I live in Kansas City and read the Kansas City Star newspaper every day.
And, of course, you know that I am always under the influence of fabric!
Cindy, told me she has that same selvage on her own pin cushion.
We're alike that way, it seems!
 I love that little row of dots because it looks like the one on Cindy's blog header at
What a surprise to even see my name printed on a selvage piece!
And that last selvage: ""....well, it's perfect, because, after all, that's how we met in the first place!
Cindy sells these wonderful pin cushions on her etsy shop,
Sewing on the Edge, so stop by if you'd like one for yourself.
You won't be disappointed!


  1. I didn't know their was a fabric label with "" on it. The words were well chosen. I do believe you were twins separated at birth.

  2. It's really special, just like your friendship. I'm terribly impressed that she found a selvage with your name on it! What a nice gift. Now let's see what Fred gives you for your anniversary!

  3. she's killing me with the selvages lately - seriously, one that says "" - that's bananas!

  4. WOW that is amazing HAPPY BIRTHDAY xxx I love it and I'm def going to check out her etsy shop!

  5. Carla, this was seriously one of the most fun projects, finding just the perfect selvages. It DOES help that I obsessively categorize them in ziplocks. I have only found "" once so you were the perfect recipient. I love that we are "sisters." Can't wait to meet in real life!

  6. Any way to find out who made that great fabric "unwise to make me choose . . . " ?

  7. Very,very cute....and Happy Birthday!!! Hey - I am a red head too....could we be triplets!!! If it means I get great packages like that count me in!!!

  8. What a great gift - pefect in every way. You've had a good birthday so far!!

  9. Yes, blog friends are just the best. Love the pincushion.

  10. What a darling pincushion! I love that she made it so personal. Aren't invisible friends wonderful?