Saturday, April 23, 2011

Desert Rose Tablecloth Quilt

I made this quilt before the "Blended Quilts" craze. I remember clearly shopping for the soft colored fabrics. Too bad I put them all into one quilt, without any contrast.
 You can hardly see the pattern!
 Still, the colors are perfect for what I use it for.........a tablecloth for my antique Desert Rose dishes. They both make an appearance once a year......
at Easter dinner.
This year we had a Saturday brunch...
and I enjoyed using quilt and dishes very much!
 My grand daughter, Haven, thinks that next year we should have a picnic instead!
After our brunch, there were lots of eggs to hunt in the yard.....
These three were very good hunters as you can see........
 But one monkey had to work harder than the others to find the best eggs......
The rabbits that hid the eggs must have been really, really tall.....
 Or maybe even had wings!

Easter baskets are good for holding little pieces of paper too. 
Strawberrypi is the winner of the Oh My! charm pack give-away!
Thank you to all who entered and left such sweet comments about the
 Love Bead Quilt.
Welcome to those of you who are new glad to have you!
Have a lovely Easter!


  1. Looks like you had a great time! I love those dishes--wish I had some. And they look great on your once-a-year quilt!

  2. I collect vintage dishes with roses, so I especially appreciate your dishes. The quilt is perfect for them, understated enough to let the dishes be the center of attention, but still noticed. Wonderful job!

  3. Spectacular quilt. Going to be a lovely heirloom quilt. And I'm amazed how you found rabbits with wings to hide your eggs.


  4. Happy Easter Carla! Your table looks so inviting....what time is dinner???? How fun to have lots of munchkins hunting for eggs!

  5. The dishes look perfect with the quilt. I like how soft and inviting the colors make it look! Thanks for sharing the pics of the Easter Egg Hunt....too cute! Happy Easter!

  6. Good job those little Easter egg hunters did! I enjoyed the pictures so much! The quilt has a beautiful watercolor quality, or looks very antuique as you say, and works so well with the Desert Rose dishes!