Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cutting into my Pips

*Warning! This post contains an overload of the color red!

For a few days, I just looked at my Sherbet Pips...or petted them as I walked by......

But, yesterday, I got out the rotary cutter and started cutting into them.  Oh, so fun! First up, I used one FQ to add a circle to the Big Little George pillow top I'm attempting to create with Lynne at Lily's Quilts. I had so much fun paper piecing the curves and points. 

Now for the scary part......sewing the middle circle on.....with the sewing machine!!!
She swears that it's possible, so I'll give it a try........................
 When I turn it over, it LOOKS like it will work. I need more caffeine before I attempt it, I think! But, don't those little people look so cute...they remind me of my grandies!
Tomorrow is the last day for our MOPS table to meet for this year and I wanted to make a little something for each of the young mothers at my table. I've grown so attached to them as their mentor mom and look forward to remaining friends. The Pips are making another appearance in the mug rugs I'm working on for them.....
 Each of the mug rugs is made with the same fabrics, but I'm quilting each a little differently and the backings vary. (I'm hoping none of my young friends are reading this!)
 I adore the girls on swings fabric. There is so much detail.  Just a warning that you will be seeing this fabric in the various color ways here again, I assure you!
Like a kid, I can hardly wait for tomorrow's Moda Bake Shop entry as it will be starring a quilt tutorial by Lollyquiltz! I hope that you will stop by the Bake Shop blog, take a look at "Love Beads" and leave me a comment so I won't feel so nervous! Be sure and stop back by here, as well, because I'm having a Give-Away tomorrow to celebrate becoming a Moda chef! See you soon!


  1. Wow, Carla! You go girl! I love your curves and points! Lol! Can you believe I missed out on some of the best picks from this collection...even though I work at a fabric shop? That is how fast it flew out the door!

  2. Such a cute line of fabrics! Your little mug rugs turned out great. Looking forward to seeing the bake shop project tomorrow.

  3. Very, very cute! I love the Pips and you've done them proud!

  4. More caffeine, indeed :) That should be my motto! Your work looks wonderful, and I am happy for the heads up for tomorrow's BAKE SHOP debut(?) Yours will fit right in!

  5. Your circle looks great!

    I bet you are an awesome mentor mom at MOPS. I am a MOPS mom and finishing up my last year. There's so much I'll miss about it next year! I'm sure your mom's will love the mug rugs, they're darling.

  6. How nice that you are a mentor mom for MOPS. The mug rugs are a perfect little "I love you", and will be a reminder to them of you and your wisdom for years to come.

  7. I've yet to cut into my Pips. I have a quilt planned. Love how you fussy cut for the mug rugs. What a blessing for those moms. And seriously...those points...awesome!

  8. I know for a fact how adorable your rugs are. I have no doubt whatsoever that your little mums will love your gift. Such cuteness with the Sherbet Pips! You're just too darned talented!

  9. I just saw this now...love my mug rug! Thanks again Carla, for everything.