Monday, April 11, 2011


Mr. Mailman stuffed a package in my mailbox on Friday.
 Can you read the postage stamp (and the cost)?.....
Wowsers! Who is sending me something from Down Under?
My little grand daughters and I sat down in the red chairs on the front lawn and tore open the  package printed with scenes from the town of Adelaide, Australia. 
I'm sure they wondered what all the fuss was about. 
Me? I squealed with delight at what I found inside...............
This incredible creation, called Crowing, is what my partner made for me in the
Doll Quilt Swap. It is a blind swap, so I had no idea who had drawn my name.
Emma How, who blogs at Sampaguita Quilts, and has been published in many magazine articles, is the genius behind my gorgeous quilt.
Emma designed Crowing just for me, she says, using a bit of everything-from techniques to the colors, shapes and patterns in my Flickr favorites.
 Oh, how I love it!
Her attention to detail is incredible...
from the black piping added to the perfect striped binding
to the tiny quilting filling the three largest circles.
 The circles are attached with hand applique and then quilted before adding the trapunto and the beautiful McTavish background quilting. 
Emma also designed the black crows that perch on 3 of the circles. 
They are attached with  perfect, tiny, machine button-hole stitches. 
I have the doll quilt laying out on my dining table so that I can admire it and fondle it every time I walk by. I'm not kidding when I say it is jaw-dropping to look at.
 If you are interested in reading what Emma wrote about Crowing before she shipped it to me, click here. I am so in awe of her talent. It is hard to believe that
she worried the colors might not be to my liking and I am selfishly relieved that she didn't decide to keep it for herself!
I may possibly have the most beautiful quilt made for the Doll Quilt Swap 10.
One thing for sure, this piece of art is never going to cover a doll bed!
I am still thinking about where to hang it.
Meanwhile, I just keep petting it....
wearing a white glove, of course!


  1. Stunning, to be sure! I couldn't be happier for you, and how fun to share it's arrival with the girls:) Happy Spring to you!

  2. Oh, Carla, that is absolutely amazing! And it surely arrived at a good home where it will be well appreciated!

  3. Emma has to be thrilled that someone as appreciative as you received her quilt. I can't imagine it going to a better home... unless it was mine. For that, I'd even wear TWO white gloves!

  4. You are so lucky, it is beyond beautiful. I would be petting it too!

  5. What a great design and beautiful quilting! You are one lucky girl! I'd be crowing, too! Bring it to guild, if you dare. . .

  6. Oh my goodness!!! Incredible Quilt.

  7. You lucky girl! I saw this on her blog when she was making it and immediately fell in love. Can you bring it to Guild on Thursday to show off during break? :)

  8. Incredible! Those gals down under are amazing quilters! Wow....the quilting is just fabulous! I know you will treasure it :)

  9. oh! your a lucky lady!
    do please bring it on Thursday!!!

  10. It's SO beautiful. There are so many techniques and interesting things to look at. I know you'll enjoy it! I'm hoping you'll bring it on Thursday, too.

  11. I am in awe!! I read her post about not being sure you would like it. It's beautiful. I know how much you will treasure it. I hope it finds the perfect place.

  12. I'm so glad you like it! And I'm really pleased you got a photo of the label, because I forgot! (Do you mind if I 'borrow' that?)

  13. That is so beautiful. What a keepsake for you!! I agree that it deserves a place on the wall and not on a doll. Enjoy it!!