Friday, October 26, 2018

Lisa's Quilts

 Quilters are some of the most generous people in the world. I see it all the time, don't you?
Lisa is the perfect example, stepping up when she heard that I was wanting to gift quilts to sixteen children in Nepal.These are the fabulous creations she handed to me one evening before a quilt guild meeting.
 This Plus and X quilt was not a quick quilt to create and yet Lisa was happy to give it to Bijay, a young boy disabled in the 2015 earthquake in Nepal. 
 I'm betting that fourteen year old, Milan, is loving this improv quilt as much as I do. Lisa is an art teacher and her quilts are an expression of her talent.
 This third gifted quilt is made with hand-dyed fabrics and Lisa told me that she would like for the quilt to be given to someone very special. My daughter-in-law and I decided to pass the beautiful quilt, which is a bit larger than all of the others, to Bikash and his wife, Bijata. The young Nepali couple have the responsibility of caring for the kids who live at P. G.
 Lastly, I want to feature a couple of lap size quilts given by my friend, Patty. The Kansas dugout top as well as the modern liberated top, both pieced by Sharon, were beautifully quilted by Patty and passed along for the kids. I made the quilt on the right below using a pattern by Cindy, LiveaColorfulLife. 
I'm excited to have been given a photo of two of the lap quilts, at home with their new owners, Raj and Sanu. Both boys are wheelchair bound and will enjoy having warm wraps. That handsome guy on the right is my son, Drew.
My next post will feature the last three quilts for the Children's Home.  Thanks for taking a look!

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  1. Seeing these quilts with the children is so special Carla. It must make you smile to know you have warmed more than their bodies. So many beautiful quilts. Well done.