Friday, October 5, 2018


 Like the last quilt that I featured on Wednesday, this quilt was made using blocks beautifully pieced by my friend, Sharon. Because I didn't have enough blocks for a Trip-Around-the-World, it seemed appropriate to make a Half-Way-Around quilt as it is traveling to Nepal on the other side of the globe.
 Since the recipient, Pratik, is visually impaired I added prairie points to the edges of the center pieced panel for some sensory texture.
 I enjoyed free-handing some beaded chain quilting on the purple grunge fabric along each side. The center of the quilt is stitched with loopy quilting. 
Working with fabrics and blocks from another quilter's collection has been fun as has been the creative challenge of using what I had to enlarge the projects.


  1. What a great solution! I also love the idea of the prairie points.

  2. I love how you have personalised this quilt Carla, thinking of the needs of Pratik! The prairie points and spiralled quilting are perfect! Great name too!

  3. What a great and thoughtful solution for this quilt's recipient. I bet you can't wait to see photos of the kids and their quilts and hear the stories.

  4. Another beauty, Carla! And I sure appreciate how much work you went to, to get good styled photos. Every one of them is lovely. A good reason to get out-and-about with a friend, right? Would that friend have been Fred? :-)