Monday, October 8, 2018

International Sampler

The blocks in this sampler quilt date back seven years to 2011. They were traded through an online quilting bee organized on Flickr. Remember Flickr? 
They had been sitting in a bag on my UFO shelf just waiting to see the light of day again. The 12 orange and aqua blocks were made by quilters from many states in the US as well as several countries and sent to me to put together. In return, each of them received a block from me in the colors they had chosen. Turning them on point, and adding solid aquas from my stash along with a grey/white stripe, I was able to stretch the blocks into a 60"x 80" quilt. 
The mod square quilting makes for a cozy texture when washed and dried. Laxmi, a thirteen year old teenage girl who is disabled because of a leg amputation, will be the new owner of this colorful quilt created by people from around the world. I love thinking about the many hands touching these fabrics which were mailed to me in Kansas City and then carried by my husband to Kathmandu, Nepal and put into Laxmi's hands!
The International Sampler contains blocks made in New Zealand, Denmark, Australia, and the USA--from the states of Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Georgia, California, Arizona, North Carolina, Missouri and New York. Maybe you spy a block that you created for me back then. Laxmi and I thank you! 


  1. Wow you finished up a UFO, I am giving you kudos. What a very worthy recipient too (-:

  2. Flick’r, you bet I remember it! I made some of my early quilting friends there! I love the orange and aqua colour palette! Such a pretty quilt Carla!

  3. Gosh, this one is especially fantastic! So very international. And obviously made with love. I know it will bless her.