Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Candy Box Sampler

If quilt blocks were chocolates, it would be difficult to pick just one favorite from this box of deliciousness!
 Once again, I am featuring blocks created by my friend, Sharon, and generously gifted to me by her family following her death. Each one is uniquely modern in style and color choice. I do not know the pattern source. If you recognize the designer, please let me know.
Sharon had already started sashing the blocks with light grey solid on two sides. Staggering the blocks this way is a fun setting for the six inch blocks. 
By adding a darker grey border and wide strip to separate some of the rows, I was able to lengthen the quilt to 80 inches, long enough to cover a child's cot at P. G.
Mod quilting with a light grey thread and backed with bright green print, I was very tickled with how this quilt turned out....perfect for a thirteen year old girl named Somati.


  1. You’ve done a lovely job setting these blocks. And what an interesting colour palette your dear friend chose! Another outstanding finish!

  2. I too love the color palette and I want to remember the block setting for these so I can try it. Very nice finish Carla. A great honor to your friend.

  3. Another beauty. I'm tired just looking at all the quiltmaking you've been doing. You make me feel lazy, and realize that it's time to just give away the quilts I like and have been hoarding. They're serving no purpose stored in the top of the closet! I admire your generosity, Carla, and hope your family's trip to Nepal was a huge success.