Friday, October 14, 2011

Farmer's Wife Friday--The Threads of Life

Wow! How the days fly by. Friday has rolled around once more and it's time to show you this week's blocks in the Farmer's Wife Quilt A-Long. There are four again. Whew!
 First up is a block named after something I'm very familiar with, especially this time of year: Spider Web. The garden spiders seem to have a knack for spinning their delicate filaments in spots where I will unknowingly walk right into it among the trees. I'm betting that this week's West Virginia farmer's wife and author experienced the same sticky sensation a time or two!
 Having been born on a farm and later moving to the city, she experienced the positives of  both life-styles, mentioning the comfortable life of the great, middle-class but missing the family life because of her husband's long hours in the city job. When circumstances changed, and they returned to the farm, "We took up the threads of the life again...but the birds sang, the flowers blossomed everywhere and the trees whispered their soothing secrets." Here is Wild Goose Chase....
 This next block, Farmer's Daughter is a good representation of the delight Mrs. Farmer takes in knowing the influence farm life has had in growing her girls "until, at budding womanhood, they are as genuine and wholesome as the color of their cheeks...".
 Her cup is very full as she pens, "As I look at them, I realize that motherhood is the greatest, the biggest and the holiest thing any woman may experience; and I firmly believe that should motherhood be theirs, they will be better prepared physically, mentally and spiritually because of their rural environment...". Here's my favorite block this week, Fruit Basket...
 These four get me closer to the halfway point. I added a little black and white check to my fabric selections, but am not real crazy about how the block turned out. It's a bit "mushy" and low contrast. I should have used pink instead of green, perhaps. Oh, well, many more to go and I'm not going to love them all, I know!
 Here are all my "babies" hanging out together. 
I think I'll make them stand in lines next time!
 The maple tree is pretty bright this week,
 and some of the leaves are on the ground already....
 Aren't the leaves just gorgeous!
I"m going to hop over to Cindy's blog and take a look at her lovely blocks.
Join me!


  1. Your blocks are beautiful. They look great hanging out together! (I like the addition of the black and white check very much.)Gorgeous tree.

  2. The more I see of these blocks, the more I want to make a Farmer's Wife quilt! (and I'm more an applique person!) These are beautiful!

  3. I've come over from Live a Colorful Life and I love these gorgeous, cheery blocks! Beautiful huge maple leaves, so glad it's Autumn :)
    Happily following you now! x

  4. WOW!! Fall in Kansas!! So so pretty. We had a beautiful fall with a little touch of winter here and there. I love your blocks. Your quilt will be beautiful!!

  5. Your Farmer's Wife blocks are amazing! DO you paper piece them? if so do you draft them yourself!

  6. Such pretty blocks!

    I love the trees. I wish the fall color wouldn't end as quickly as it does. I could look at it for much longer than it lasts.

  7. Wow! You have a lot of blocks there! They look great....I can't wait to see them all together in a quilt :) Fall is pretty here too...blustery and cool....ahhhhhh...I love it!

  8. Hi Carla. I got my confirmation for the group and I am ready to start my blocks. Still uncertain as to what fabrics. I think bright! I enjoy seeing yours and of course your Sunday posts. Blessings,