Friday, October 21, 2011

Farmer's Wife Friday--Country Home Life

Our writer this week, in the Farmer's Wife Magazine writing contest, is from Cascade County, Montana. Her letter is a simple no-nonsense read, revealing the reasons she would want her little girls to grow up and marry farmers. The accompanying blocks accent her comments very nicely.
 Our first block is called 'Friendship' and I love the imagery of the four different background fabric each tied to the other with the square (circle) of friendship. Mrs J.J.T. expounds that her first reason for hoping for a couple of farmers as sons-in-law someday, is that "the country home life is more nearly complete in itself, and therefore productive of real happiness." Being friends AND family that's a perfect combination!
 "The school or community hall is usually the place for social gatherings which are made a success through the efforts of all the members of the family." Here's 'Square Dance'.
I'm sure the family attended a few of those, don't you!
 I'm excited to be nearing the half way point in the Quilt Along and like the black/white spotty fabric addition this time.
The maple tree leaves have deepened their color this week.... 
 and many have fallen onto the ground.
We even had a frost last night I hear. 
Time is marching on.
 I wonder if the weather is cooling off in California, where Cindy lives.
I always look forward to seeing her blocks and reading her comments about the letters each week. I'm headed there now!


  1. That High Society aqua really works in your block, as does the black and white dot. These are looking wonderful. We had a freeze last night too. Fall is nearly over. I dislike the gloominess that descends on these 'tween fall and winter days.

  2. Yes! The dots do add quite a bit to that block! Love it-the quilt will be gorgeous, Carla!

    No freeze for us in NE Ohio, but another day of rain...where's the ark?

  3. Love those big dots! You will have a lovely quilt :) Cold here too....the girls were looking for extra blankets last night. I love the cool air, though.

  4. Beautiful fabrics used in your squares!! Your quilt will be wonderful. I also love the trees. Even after our 8" of snow we are now enjoying the great fall weather and the beautiful colors!! Oh, Colorado weather, ya gotta love it!!

  5. Looking really sharp!! Love the b&w dots and that block too. Haven't seen that before.

  6. You blocks are really great this week. LOVE the dots in the Friendship block. Isn't that a cool block? Oh, and the green dots in the corners of Square Dance--awesome.

    Weather here in California: Supposed to be 86 on Sunday. (Insert sad face here). But it cools off nicely in the evenings to a low of 55. I can't wait until it is sweatshirt weather during the day. Although that means YOU will probably be buried in the snow...

  7. I just love seeing your and Cindy's blocks. It's so fun to see how different the same block can look! It's Fall here so that means rain. But I get to wear my lovely scarfs and boots again: YAY! :)