Friday, October 7, 2011

Farmer's Wife Friday--Militia of Arguments

Last Friday, I asked for your input on my color selections so far with the sampler blocks in the FWQAL. Several of you gave me a thumbs up on what I've got so far but thought a bit more yellow might be good, along with maybe more blue. I listened and produced Honey's Choice with that color combo in mind. I want yellow to be an accent color so will continue to use restraint, however. I like this block and can see a whole scrappy quilt of pinwheels.
 Another suggestion that I've taken to heart is adding some black and white prints. I already had used a white/black dot and was surprised that I hadn't thought of this good idea on my own. Thanks, Sujata, for coming to my rescue. Someone liked my reds, but warned to be careful of letting them get too, no red today!! Thanks, everyone for your nice remarks and help with this project. Here's Temperance Tree without red, but using pink instead....lots of little triangles to line up in this baby!! I like the black and white.
The Wisconsin farmer's wife who authored this week's letter offered eight "shots" at why she would want her daughter to marry a farmer. I'm going to try to turn her bullets into B B's: One: Farmlands are safe investments. Two: Farms offer unparalleled enterprise. Three: Many farm families enjoy the latest conveniences, maybe even the newspaper! Four: No need to spend money on fresh produce and fresh air. Five: Daily exertion is good for the mind and body. Six: No need to be a walking fashion-plate. Seven: A farm wife can be her own money manager. And last but not least, Eight: Freedom from the entrapments of "vicious allurements" ..."the necessity of birth control is not so apparent". 
And there you have it!: Eight good reasons for rural living in the 1920's.
 My recent mention of autumn visiting us here in the Midwest has led to more than a few comments from readers who miss the change of seasons in their local, so I thought I might help bring a little color to you each Farmer's Wife Friday. This maple tree stands tall in my yard and is just beginning to turn orange at its top. Watch each Friday as the Creator does His magic!
 My orange mums are beginning to open too!
I hope that you have been watching Cindy's blocks grow each week. Her use of solids makes them look so different and, dare I say it, contemporary, than mine. Here, take a look!


  1. I think the black and white was a genius choice--very fun blocks this week. So not only do WE have to meet, our quilts will definitely have to make a personal appearance for each other, don't you think??

  2. I can't believe you are being so faithful to post every Friday. Before you know it, you'll be done. You also have time to re-evaluate the colors. Great choices this week.

  3. I think it's great to see how different all these quilts are going to turn out. They all have such different colour & fabric choices going on. It's going to be a massive Ta-dah moment when they are all complete!

  4. I love those reasons for marrying a farmer! ;-)

    The two sets of blocks look so different - it's amazing!