Thursday, January 17, 2013

Random Thursday--The Doll Update

Since several of you have asked me how my four grand daughters liked their Christmas dolls and the wardrobes, I thought that I'd do a little update today. First off, I found some fun suitcases to store each dolly's things...
 My oldest grand daughter, Haven, was gifted a "real" American Girl doll. What fun I had surprising her with a trip to the American Girl Store in Kansas City, where she looked at each and every doll before making her selection! After sorting all the clothes that I'd made, these are to ones that Haven got for her doll, which she named Katie Paris (which sounds like Katie Perry, she noted). She got the the largest wardrobe because she will appreciate it more...
 Haven's sister, Maelie, is three. She got a knock-off doll from Target. Turns out, Maelie doesn't really care one bit about dolls.(More on that to follow.) When pressed, she decided to name the doll Apple. Here's the wardrobe that she received...
 Lula probably wants an American Girl doll more than any of the other girls. But, she's four. She got a knock off too, but from Tuesday Morning, and she loved it. She named her doll Ella and here's her wardrobe...
 Haven had picked out Katie the week before and brought her to my house on Christmas day all decked out in a Christmas dress she'd swiped from another doll at home. Here's Haven introducing Katie to Apple. Notice that her little sister is not involved at all. This is how it went.Oh, well.

Haven and Maelie spent a few days with me after Christmas. During that time, Katie probably wore every one of her outfits and Haven saw to it that Apple (Haven wanted to change her name to Rose Red...not sure how that ended up!) was well dressed as well. Lula and Ella came for a visit. The tea parties were incredible, let me just be clear!
Jane, who is two, likes her baby doll well enough, but not like the two older girls. Here's Katie ready for bed in her cozy pajamas as Jane gets ready to go home after a long day of  present opening...
So, all in all, I would call it a success. The younger girls will play with the dolls once in awhile but Haven and Lula have new companions and I'll keep making doll clothes! 

Meanwhile, Molly, the American Girl doll who lives at my house and has been well loved for over 20 years, had to make a trip to the doll hospital after her arm was accidentally amputated. (It probably was a rotator cuff issue...just wore out, you know!)
 We all were very sad and for the next few weeks it was hard for Lula to bear that Molly was not here when she came to visit. Finally, the wonderful day arrived when Molly was released from the hospital and brought home by UPS ambulance.  Here's how she looked the day she came home, complete with her own hospital gown,...
cosy socks and a certificate of good health!
 Molly's limbs are all tightened up and she should be good for another 20 years or so!
 Katie hasn't gotten to meet Molly yet, 
but we are making plans!
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  1. OMGosh! Vicarious doll love!!!! I chuckled at "Apple"... my son named his first stick horse "Gun Apple"(?)around 3 years old :) Your girls are real dolls!

  2. Do you think the doll hospital could work their magic on my frozen shoulder! Besides, I love a hospital gown and sox like that! I hope I have another 20 years too! All the girls are so cute!

  3. I'm glad for the update - I was wondering.

  4. How wonderful that your eldest grand-daughters should be so enthusiastic. My DD wasn't really into dolls much, all though she did play with them occasionally. But she didn't have a wardrobe of clothes which may have made a big difference!

  5. Hi Carla so cute ,we just never know do we when we do things for children or grandchildren but the little one will grow into her.They are also cute you are lucky to have little girls grandchildren I have two boys whom I adore but they just aren't into dolls and I have learned to love

  6. Love the whole story, Carla. Thanks for filling us in.

  7. This is awesome. I love how American Girl does things. They really have it all figured out, don't they? I'm so glad the girls appreciated the clothes. :-)

  8. Love the update Carla! I chuckled about Molly's rotater cuff. ( Sorry Molly, I shouldn't have)



  9. I just LOVE this post!! I can hardly wait until I have time AND my wrist is better (hopefully happening at the same time....) so I can start making a wardrobe for Charlotte's doll.

  10. You're such an eloquent writer! Your story made for fun reading and vivid mental pictures. What a wonderful way to begin the day... smiling. I still cannot believe all the pre-Christmas sewing you did! All in all, you're quite making me wish I had a little granddaughter.

  11. Carla, the girls are lovely little ladies! It was delightful to see them with their dolls and the clothes you have made for them. I like the idea of putting the clothes in suitcases too. I loved your story, especially about Molly and her return from the hospital--too cute!

  12. Oh, these kinds of posts will be a treasure for the girls in 20 years! Those are the best dressed dolls! Will you dress me? I need to be on that "What Not to Wear" show. LOL. Love the names the girls chose for their dolls - too cute. Let the tea partying continue!

  13. I just love this post! I remember when molly came out back when it was the pleasant doll company before matel bought them. I used to attend a reading club at my neighbor who was a librarian using the books from the first 3 dolls, Molly, Samatha, and Kirsten. I bought a used Felicity from a girlwanting a different doll that i plan to let my baby used. I can't wait to start sewing clothes for her doll! ( i have my own still in the packaging of Josephina, lol). Thanks so much for sharing!