Tuesday, January 22, 2013

365 Photo Challenge: Week 3

This week I switched my camera to manual focus for the first time and was so pumped that two of the pictures actually turned out well enough to use for my Photo Challenge post! Granted, I'm back to auto focus for most photography, but feeling a little more confident. 
A bit of explanation on my responses to the prompts: among a bunch of impostors the real nut stands out; someone got into the jewelry box and made a mess; Janie loves her 'puter; Lolly loves her skinny vanilla lattes; the juicy fruit blocks are finding their way to my mailbox; phones are for more than just talking these days; and a flock of robins stopped by for drinks. I hope you enjoy.
January 15: Nut
January 16: Jumbled
January 17: A Favorite Toy
January 18: A Doorway
January 19: Bright
January 20: Playing
January 21: Frozen


  1. Great photos again Carla! The robins playing in the water is my favourite this week, although that jumble of jewellery sparkles!

  2. Love how all the children are into the technology and completely ignoring you with yours!

  3. Wonderful pictures! Truly. That camera, with you operating it, is remarkable. I've been using my manual setting too, and find that it takes the best close-up pictures of FMQing. So much to learn about photography, though. You have some great topics for your pictures... I wish I had them. For the next Scatterday we have to photograph the letter "Q" related to nighttime, a plant, healthy, and a quick sewing project. Can't even THINK of any for the first three! Yes, the last should be easy.

  4. Beautiful pictures, Carla! So impressive. I need to get to know my camera better so that I am more familiar and comfortable with manual setting. I remember when I first captured individual water droplets it was SO exciting!

  5. More great photos. I love your captions, too. :-)

  6. Hello, I know I am off topic here, but I am sewing the Hushabye sleep sack and saw that you have made at least 2. Can you give me any hints about the bottom where the zipper ends and the stitching for the rest of the bag begins? Is the end of the zipper attached to the bag or is the very bottom loose? I don't want to cut the notch until I really understand this. Thanks. Linda

  7. Thanks Carla for your reply on my blog. Your comments really help. I knew it must need to be done a specific way, but just could not visualize how the zipper and seam line should meet. Hope mine turns out as cute as yours!