Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 Finish Along...Quarter 1

Today is the day that I list the UFO's that I'd LOOOOVVVVEEEEE to list as finishes by the end of this first quarter of 2013. Leanne, who is hosting the 2013 Finish-Along, has some great incentives planned to help keep me motivated.  Take a look. You might like to join us!

Actually, I found it motivating to get each project out of the closet, touch it, and admire it....there are some fun quilts here! Look...

1. Fortunate Friends...I've been working on this quilt for a few months now alongside my friend, Vicki. The top is close to being complete. Course, I gotta quilt it, too!
 2. Mazed...The blocks, made as leader/enders while piecing other quilts, are complete. It was on my design wall once, but my grand-daughter "helped" by taking it all down!
I look forward to playing with the parts again and finishing this quilt that can be put together several different ways!
 3. Orange and Aqua Sampler... The blocks for this quilt were collected during two quarters last year, from members of the 3X6 Mini Sampler Bee. As you can see, I've kept them in the envelopes they were mailed in,
 for reasons that I don't recall.

4. Postage Stamp...There is a BIG stack of these 16-Patch scrappy blocks... enough to make a full size quilt. I made them as leader/enders. It took a whole year. Why did I stop there? Beats me. I do know that I''ll loooooovvve this quilt! 
 5. Crossroads....Another set of blocks collected from a Bee.....this time from some members of the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild. In 2011. I think. I made this quilt once before and it is now gracing the bed of a sweet girl in Rwanda. I loved it so much, that I decided that I'd love to have my own. The blocks need put together and quilted. I might need to make it a bit larger. 
Aqua, grey, red, pink....yum!
 6.Birds... Oh, boy. I may detect a theme of procrastination here with Bee blocks! Here's another set of gorgeous blocks from the One Block Over Bee, all with that cute bird print for the centers. One member never completed her blocks, but fortunately, she mailed the fabric back to me last month...a year later! 
I'm looking forward to working with these again! 
 7. Paint Dipped...Remember this one? All it needs is quilting and binding.
 8. Batman...The top is complete...just waiting for more Kona coal for a border and then I can quilt it. February is my deadline on this one!
 9. 1600 Inch Race... The backing is picked and just needs pieced together, then I can start the quilting on this simple quilt. It was pieced during a quilter's retreat last spring using a jelly roll of Denyse Schmidt's Flea Market Fancy.
I wish that these nine quilts were the the sum of my UFO's. They aren't. If I finish them, or even some of them, in the next 3 months, I'll add a few more from my seemingly endless supply of unfinished projects. Nine is plenty for now....after all, I do have some new starts to work on as well, you know!!
Lynne is also getting on the Finish it in 2013 bandwagon by sponsoring another UFO group. I'm linking up with her, as well! Join me?
Never Too Hot to Stitch!


  1. Wow that's quite a list there and such beautiful projects good luck with completing them all.

  2. NINE! That is one big list but there are some beauties in here...Paint Dipped, Mazed, Postage Stamp! And there are a whole new set of bee blocks arriving at your house soon..just saying!

  3. Looks like you've got enough on hand for a while!

  4. You do have some fun quilts there! Looking forward to seeing the finishes.

  5. Some great projects here. Oye, makes me want to start a few instead of finish my own stack. lol

  6. Oh lovely! You are going to have some beautiful quilts here! Good luck with the FAL :-)

  7. You "introduced" me to the Bloggers Quilt this! You take me to such fun places! Seriously considering this... :)

  8. You have lots of lovely things to work on. The problem with visiting other blogs is I always see more projects I want to start. I particularly like your Paint Dipped top.

  9. They are all nice, but I especially like the bird quilt.

  10. What a lot of beautiful projects, I think they will all be such excellent quilts. I look forward to watching you finish them in the FAL, I am so glad you have joined.

  11. It IS sort of liberating to relieve those UFOs from the dark, isn't it? A few of them look like quick and easy finishes, so I have no doubt you'll be a champ in this year of finishes. Though, I didn't see Picket Fence there. I have my strips out again and am making more diamonds - enough for a king-sized quilt!

  12. It's a good list. Rather than finishing UFOs, I'm staring two new BOMs and considering a third. Am I nuts or something?!

  13. Isn't it nice to know you're not going to get bored??LOL!!

  14. Great projects full of beautiful fabric, hope working to finish them will give you lots of joy :)

  15. Good luck with all those beautiful quilts!

  16. I am realizing that we must follow many of the same blogs and groups! I love everything you have shared and i hope you get them finished!
    You can do it i think!