Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Hello! Anybody there?

Yes, it has been awhile. Like three years! But, I've been thinking about brushing off the cobwebs and blogging about my quilting again. It's such a great way to document what I make, so even if no one reads blogs anymore, it might be fun! 
I've been busy, as you can see by this stack of quilts that will soon be flying to Nepal with my husband and son. They will brighten the beds of 15 handicapped children living together in a children's home. I'm pretty excited to have been a part of making it happen!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Gone Astray!

A few have you have noticed my absence. Please don't be worried as I am doing fine. If you've sold a house recently, you will understand when I tell you that I've been super busy getting my house ready to sell and, now, keeping it ready for those invisible buyers that come through every few days!
 I barely let my husband sit on the couch, poor guy. You never know when that next house shopper is going to want to stop by! No, we don't have a house in mind to buy. We have just decided that the time is right to move back to "town". It's an adventure!
 You may remember that I've been sewing in my bedroom for several years. Well, that might seem strange to potential buyers, so I've moved to this cute cubby in the basement. I love the much better than the bedroom. It's also very cool during the hot summer days. Now, if I can just find time to sew!
 I did make my three year old granddaughter, Lois, a little dress a while back to welcome her home from Nepal. Do you see those words "easy-to-sew"?
 Well...Miss Simplicity lied. This placket was a killer. It looks simple, doesn't it? That's just what I thought. But, no! Trust me on that. The pattern was only a buck on sale, so no tears were shed when it landed in the circular file, let's just say!
 The result is cute and fits Lois perfectly, although it's hard to tell in this blurry photo! 
 And just to prove to you that I'm still alive and well, here is hubby and me with six of our grandies right before shooting off a bunch of really cool fireworks on the 4th.
We will miss that next year, I know. 
Thanks for sticking with me.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Floating Squares

My sewing time has been limited lately, but this week I carved out a few hours to recharge my batteries and finish up my project for the KCMQG Quilt-Along using Sherri Lynn Wood's new book on liberated piecing.
 Sherri Lynn led a workshop for the KC Modern Guild a few month back and some of us got hooked on her fun methods! We enjoyed ourselves so much so, that we've decided to work through the book, one chapter at a time, and challenge ourselves to make up a project using each of the 10 Scores included in her book. Floating Squares is up first.
Lately, I've been drawn to fabrics by Kaffe Fassett and have managed to accumulate a nice collection. I've decided this QAL was a fine spot to start using the fabrics instead of just collecting them. For the floating squares method, you only need three fabrics. Here are my choices, cut into various square shapes without using a ruler...
Using white as a filler fabric, I began by sewing a couple of squareish shapes together...
...until I had formed a section like this. In the beginning, I had planned to join together several sections made of different fabrics.
But, it just wasn't doing anything for me so I continued on with the aqua, pink and white original choices until I had used up most of the Kaffee print and pink Cherrywood solid. 
Once I squared up the edges, the top measures about 24 inches by 26 inches. Since the fabrics are sometimes not joined on the straight grain, I sewed along the edges to keep everyhing from stretching out of shape. At this point, I'm not certain if I will create a small quilt from my effort or join other "scores" to it to make a larger quilt top. 
There were around eight of us that came to the modern guild meeting last night with our first score ready to reveal. Heres' mine hanging out with friends!
We all agree that making our Floating Squares was a very enjoyable experience!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


What fun I had making these cute baskets for Carla! June is her month as the queen bee for the Mid-Century Modern Bee. She chose well, I think, don't you! What a darling quilt she will have after she collects all the pretty baskets.
Making the liberated blocks reminded me of how much I enjoyed sewing my own basket quilt a few years ago. Here's my favorite ...tall and skinny.
At the top, I used some wonky letters to spell out the word baskets (in case someone mistakes them for pails, I guess.).
The four basket blocks were all tied up with a pretty bow...
...for my sweet grand daughter, Haven. 
I'm feeling like I might need another quilt full of colorful baskets in my life sometime!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Does It Matter?

Once, someone very close to me described me as a Quilt Factory.  Another time, a family member asked me how many more quilts I'd make before I was finished. Not sure how to take these comments, it has caused me to ponder, at times, why I do what I do.  This is a pile of quilts that I collected a few years ago to give away to children I've never met.....
Some of these quilts I made myself and others were lovingly created by a few other women, who, like me, enjoy giving something handmade to special people... To show them love and value... To give them comfort and encouragement. Oh, there are lots of other reasons to make quilts.... being creative; loving pretty fabric; using my hands; hanging out with like-minded people; mastering a challenging pattern; learning something new; I'm really a hoarder; it's just fun....on and on. But, on the bottom rung of all the other reasons that I quilt, is that foundation, I think: Giving.
A few weeks ago, a fellow quilter asked if anyone would like to buy an extra quilt she had. It was kind of a new thought for me, as I've never sold any of my quilts. Would I have the same love for quilting if I was making them to sell? Not sure. But this I am sure of....I love to give away things that I make. Especially to children. Some that I'll probably never meet.
My son, Drew, took several quilts with him to Nepal. This little boy has become very special to him.
 I think that quilts can matter. Do you?
It's worth pondering.