Tuesday, January 29, 2013

365 Photo Challenge: Week 4

The prompts for this week's photos were a bit more challenging, but I had fun coming up with some appropriate subjects. The glimpse of my week includes: twins on a bat-mobile; a furry friend; a sweet treat and a sweet girl; little but mighty cheers; a dog in the wrong place; and a glorious end to a pleasant day. Take a look...

January 22: Equal
 January 23: Snuggle
January 24: Cold
 January 25: Hands
 January 26: Passion
January 27: Dislike
 January 28: Sunset
Are you slowing down to enjoy the little things around you every day? Hope so!


  1. Twins on a bat mobile. Too cute!

  2. Very fun. I love the batmobile quilts! And the "hands" photo. Very fun!

  3. Such great pics! You've made me hungry for a vanilla waffle cone! Did you really take the sunset photo? Where?