Friday, January 4, 2013


Do you adopt a Word for the Year
While I'm not wild about making New Year's resolutions, I do usually make a list of goals for the coming year. There's less guilt involved, you know! After much thought, I've made the word FINISH my word for the year and am hoping that it helps me achieve at least some of the goals that I wrote down in the back of my planner.(Yes, I use the old fashioned paper type!) I also wrote FINISH at the top of each calendar page, hoping that it will be a reminder. We will see. 

I'm also joining Leanne, the host for the 2013 Finish A-long, which kicks off on Monday, January 7. I'll be making a list of some WIP's that have been waiting way too long to become finished quilts. My goal is to make a Friday Finish report on how I'm doing each week, hoping that will help keep me motivated to actually DO my word of the year and not just talk about it!
I guess that I can work on a start and a finish at the same time, right!
 By the way, a few months back, I used one of my Joann coupons to buy this great ruler. I'd borrowed one from a friend during a quilting retreat, and decided that it would be better to buy my own than to accidentally walk off with hers!
 Because of it's large dimensions, this ruler is perfect for the WIP I am working hard to finish.
 I've worked so hard, that I actually got the blocks all made and the top put together as of last night. Now, I'm waiting for some more Kona coal yardage to arrive in my mailbox so that I can add a border around the outside before I start the quilting.
A very patient boy needs this for his ninth birthday, don't you think?
Uhhh....did I mention that his brother has a birthday just a few days before his and he wants a quilt too? "When are their birthdays?", you ask.
Oh, not till February.I've got lots of time.
Holy heart failure, Batman!


  1. What a great quilt. I may be making a Batman quilt for my grandson. Any suggestions??

  2. Great quilt Carla! Good to see you are treating the boys to some of your sewing talents, after spoiling the girls for Christmas! Finish is going to be my mantra this year too!

  3. Although I don't do word of the year, my word for 2013 is also finish! Which is why I've started a monthly Linky party called "2013:The Year of The Finished Project" -- I'd love it if you would consider joining me. The first post was published on Thursday January 3.

  4. No grandsons here, but my BIL would LOVE that superhero quilt! He's a big kid and a comic book collector.

  5. How fun . Grand babies are the best. Have you started your scrappy trip quilt??

  6. Holy Smokes Batman! Love the quilt and love the idea of a word rather than a resolution. Brilliant, Carla!

  7. Good luck with the finishes before February! I like the Batman quilt. It looks like a cartoon strip or comic book. Your own design? Very clever. I'm sure your 9yo grandson will love it!

  8. That is one very cool quilt - love it!

  9. I know an 18 year old that would love that quilt! My son is in his first year of college, huge Batman fan, and I bet he would SO put that on his bed in his dorm. Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. WOW - that's one cool quilt top! Your services are going to be in very high demand now...
    Love the design, it looks like a fun one to make!
    ; )

  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE Your Batman quilt! Beautiful use of a novelty print. Love the improvisational aspect of it!

  12. Holy Heat Failure is right! The quilt top is amazing. Good luck on getting them both done.

    I don't do new year's resolutions, and I'm not making a list of UFOs to finish. Too much stress. Forget it this year. I am doing what makes me happy.

    My word for the year is "Center." Did you see Rise of the Guardians? It's all about finding your center. It's a good word for me this year.