Sunday, February 5, 2012

For Children By Children

Fifteen grade school and middle school age students each learned how to make a quilt block that was assembled into a wonderful quilt. It will soon be in the hands of a young person about their age in Rwanda. The students are all part of a home school program called Classical Pathways in the Kansas City area. History and geography lessons about Rwanda were studied along side the sewing project.
My sweet friend, Vicki K., whose daughter was part of the class, helped the students with fabric selection and taught them the basics of making a nine-patch block. She later put the blocks all together into this fabulous African themed quilt.
One of the blocks features a Bible verse written in the native language of Rwanda.

Vicki found a fun giraffe print for the backing which coordinates so well with the blocks on the front. Because of the colors, I guess, I visualize a little boy getting this quilt for his bed.
And for a little girl, maybe, Vicki made another quilt in tropical colors and flowers. The design is one that she came up with on her own using fabric donated by her sister-in-law  who wanted to do something to help. Vicki's daughter, Kayla,  also did some of the sewing, so it's a real family project!
I love the brown background theme-fabric which set the tone for the color scheme.
The last quilt going to the orphanage this time is one that I made and showed you a few months ago, Vegetable Soup. As with most of the charity quilts that I make, I used scraps from other quilts as a leader/ender project.
I can't help myself and will post a few more pictures of all 8 quilts together tomorrow.


  1. How wonderful!

    And, may I ask, what generous person/organisation is paying the cost of freight (if it's not a rude question - if it is ignore me!)? I ask because I know that some people have had to give up sending things to various needy people around the world due to the high cost of postage.

  2. All your quilts are wonderful, but I especially love the first jungle inspired one! I'm sure wherever they end up, they will be much appreciated!

  3. Love the quilts... such a great idea to involve the children in this! I've spent 12 years now at a classical Christian school that started out as a homeschool co-op. These kids are the best!

  4. The quilts are so beautiful and the recipients are blessed - as are their creators.