Friday, February 24, 2012

Farmer's Wife Friday--The Lure of Mother Earth

I"m going to admit right up front at being a bit ho-hum about today's letter written by a farm wife from Massachusetts. Like others, she debunks that thought that country living means "no modern improvements" and "too isolated", putting those thoughts in the same category as "the bogey man and similar imaginary terrors".
She's sure that marriage to a farmer is a good thing. "That bright daughter, who might be a nobody in a large city, can be a real power in a small farm community..."
 Cups and Saucers-Block #25
On the farm "her mind may be kept broad and alert by much reading, much thinking; her heart kept sympathetic and warm by communion with God's out-of-doors; her spirit kept from being tarnished by vamping and jazz; and her feet kept on the ground."
 This wife also doesn't argue that there is not "an abundance of honest toil on the farm".
 Postage Stamp-Block #68
Speaking like one who knows, she finishes her letter, "Who wouldn't be a pilgrim, a pioneer? To fare forth with your good man, to wrestle with primitive things, to thrill throughout your being at the lure of mother earth? The farm today offers you your one chance for such a great adventure."
 Well, here's a picture of MY big adventure of making this quilt of 111 little 6 inch blocks! ...faring forth with my good friend, Cindy, wrestling with tiny pieces and thrilling throughout  my being at having 70 blocks made so far!
Oh, Cindy! What did you think of today's sweet letter? I'm heading your way now...


  1. Look at all those beautiful blocks! Wow! I'm not doing this quilt, but I sure do admire those of you who are.

  2. I just love your fabric choices for your FW quilt! Yay!

  3. Love, love, love it - what a lovely collection of blocks you've made.

  4. Love, love, love it - what a lovely collection of blocks you've made.

  5. such a very cheerful quilt this will be!!! Always look forward to your blocks and insights about the letters! Have a blessed weekend!

  6. Oh wow! I have just realsied how small (as well as complex) those blocks are! I salute you!

  7. Great progress - you're almost three quarters of the way there!!

  8. Your postage stamp block is great. Those one-inch squares just speak to me. Wouldn't a whole quilt of them be nice? Probably not easy to keep on the square though, and it would certainly be heavy with all those seams. As always, your taste in fabrics is superb. I just keep being impressed.

  9. awesome progress! I love the scrappiness. I think I have about 90 of the little suckers finished now.