Sunday, September 30, 2018

Hashtag Quilt

 I decided to call this quilt Hashtag because...well, I think that's what it looks like: a set of colorful hashtags. The pattern from Gudrun Erla's book, "Strip Your Stash" , is actually called Pixie Stix. That's cute too. This is a great book, by the way! I borrowed it from my local library, but may need a copy of my own.

 Don't be fooled by the simple design, thinking it is a "no brainer" to put together. I was at a quilting retreat when I attempted to piece the first block for the quilt and those around me will agree that I was pulling out my hair for a bit. I found that there is a method to the madness and, once I got going, it was a fun quilt to make.
Simple wavy lines for the quilting make it have a soft hand:  perfect for a child's cozy quilt. The background fabric is by Paintbrush Studio. The solids are mostly from my stash, although I did buy a few colors while on retreat at Missouri Star Quilt Company.

Lauren chose Hashtag for Kopila, a thirteen year old girl with cerebral palsy. She and some of the other children are receiving art therapy for the trama they endured during the 2015 earthquake.
My hope is that Hashtag will bring Kopila comfort and joy!


  1. What a great quilt Carla! It’s a modern design which a teenager will love. I really like the grey print you chose for the background-it echoes the coloured squares one the edges perfectly!

  2. Super cute quilt and I love the photo shoot with the water behind.

  3. Love this design, which reminds me so much of Anne Deister's pattern called "Matrix." Not quite the same, but maybe Anne's is a little easier to follow? In any case, this is great, and perfect for an art-sy child. I hope it blesses her.