Monday, September 24, 2018

Dotty Squares

 Sometimes, simple patchwork is my favorite kind of quilt.
 This one went together so quickly! Three and a half inch squares were picked from my scrap basket of squares. I pre-cut them from leftovers as I create other projects. The grey dot is even leftover from another quilt as is the red binding.
 If you are wanting to create a quilt quickly, like I did, consider a simple patchwork design from your scrap basket.  It's so satisfying to see it come together almost effortlessly!
Raj will be receiving his quilt before the week is over. I'm hoping to see a photo of him holding the quilt. Are you reading this, Mr. Lollyquiltz?!


  1. I totally agree . . . simple can be sooo good. And a checkerboard quilt has always been one of my favorites. Love the dot you used for the background. It's giving me some ideas. Hope you get that picture with Raj and the quilt.

  2. Gorgeous quilt Carla! There is something very striking about spots, isn’t there? I’ve met a spot I didn’t like! The checkerboard pattern really works so well!