Friday, June 22, 2012

Farmer's Wife Friday--A Good and Useful Life

I really like today's farmer's wife blocks. They both went together lickety-split and are ones that I would enjoy making again perhaps even as inspiration for quilts on their own.
I'll put a star * on their pages for future reference!
With the unfortunate initials of Mrs. M.A.D., our farmer's wife, from Sargent County, N.D., seems happy indeed to live the country life. She speaks highly of recent "recognized neccessities being fast installed on every farm" giving many farm women "time to attend fairs, enjoy the newspaper, hear good music and manicure her finger nails." (I got a kick out of that last perk as I could use one of those myself!)
Butterfly at the Crossroads-Block #14
She goes on to add, "In listing a few of the comforts of the farmer's wife, I have not listed any of the discomforts I may fancy my city friend labors under. If she is happy and I am happy, why disturb this happiness?" Why, indeed!
Windmill-Block #108
Her wise conclusion, "I wish my daughter to lead a good and useful life, one of which it may truly be said when she departs, 'the world is better for her having lived in it'."
 I wish the same for my daughter. And for myself.
Only two more weeks and 5 blocks to pile is getting high. Be sure to visit Cindy, at Live a Colorful Life, as she finishes up her blocks in solids only. 
I love them so!


  1. You take the BEST pictures of your blocks. Oh, well, two more letters, so why break my "boring-on-the-design-wall" photos? Love your pictures, and the fabric choices this week are the best. Funny how often we like and dislike the same blocks...

  2. I love the bowl full of blocks :) Amazing feat...almost complete! Congrats and well done!!!

  3. Oh, these are so happy and bright! Those spots are so bold and brave! DO you think you will miss this project when its finished? Perhaps you will need to find another 'year long' quilt project!

  4. This is going to be a beauty! I am making mine in much muddier colors and from scraps, one in reds and one in blues......congratulations on nearly completing these lovely blocks, I look forward to seeing your completed quilt.

    Happy Sewing

  5. Love those FW blocks and your pics are brilliant!