Friday, June 1, 2012

Farmer's Wife Friday--An Ever Changing Delight

"No two days' work are ever alike. And the view from her window is an ever-changing delight of cloud and sky, tree and field", says our Wisconsin farm wife writer today.
The blocks accompanying today's letter represent the good and the bad, as far as I am concerned, of creating these 6.5 inch little blocks. One was a delight....the other a devil!
Can you guess which is which?
If you guess this pretty block, called Swallow, as the delight, you know me well! I love birds as well as simple blocks. I was especially excited to make a block using a part large enough to showcase this rose fabric so well. 
Swallow might even join these lucky "Top Ten" blocks qualifying as Lollyquiltz Favorites...I might have to make it an even dozen before I'm finished!
Our second block today, is not so lucky. While looking sweet enough during the photo shoot, I want to warn you that "Wood Lily" is not for the faint of heart. I'll just say that the sun was shining brightly when I began making this devil and the sky was dark when I finished! The colors, even though a little washed out, are pretty enough and the block turned out to be nice and square, fortunately.
But as Cindy, my partner in this endeavor, has said so eloquently, "You couldn't pay me to make that block again!" Here are my "Top Ten" in that category....I'll have to make an even dozen in that group too!
Oops... a bit sidetracked; I'm supposed to be telling you about the farmer's wife....
She doled out a bit of wisdom that I find may be as true today as it was in the 1920's. She writes, "I think the woman who is a failure on the farm would be a failure in town. But there is no doubt that some find a satisfying happiness on a farm that others could not."
I"m finding some satisfying happiness in looking at this pile of finished blocks! 
I wonder what Cindy has to sure to go check it out for yourself!


  1. That does look like a very difficult block! I have a friend who is starting this quilt too. Your blocks are so pretty!

  2. I love looking at your Favourites and then the pile of "you couldn't pay me to make that block again"!!! I can't blame you for not liking Wood Lily- there over 50 pieces in that tiny little block! This is going to be a stunning quilt! Nearly there!

  3. Die Blöcke sehen super aus. Bin gespannt auf den ganzen Quilt.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  4. I love your cheerful colors! I can't wait to see the blocks all sewn together!

  5. My Friday favorite blogs.......checking out your lovely Farmer's Wife blocks....and Cindy's, too!

  6. Those blocks are gorgeous!

  7. Yes...that one does look like a devil, but beautiful all the same.

  8. Beautiful blocks. Wow, Swallow is gorgeous! It's funny how our favorites/won't ever make these again blocks are nearly the same! Well, maybe not so surprising after all....

    You take such beautiful and creative pictures. I'm lucky to slap the blocks on my design wall late Thursday night and get ANY picture taken at all! Procrastination--a bad, bad thing...