Friday, June 15, 2012

Farmer's Wife Friday--Enjoy Life to the Fullest

If I were to live the life of a farm wife as did my mother and grandmothers and great grandmothers, I think that today's writer, Mrs. C.K.T. of Newton County, Indiana,  might just live on the exact farm that I would choose!
 She lives on a large farm, "The Old Home Place", where generations of Mr. Farmer's family grew up. "It is a choice location, six miles from town. There is a beautiful lawn and drive, with fine old shade trees; a small park with a miniature lake; and a fine large orchard. The house is colonial in style and has every modern convenience. Each year improvements are added in farm buildings."
 She goes on to describe an idyllic life that most would love to enjoy, while acknowledging that "the farmer's wife of the past endured great hardships". Unlike letters of the past, no mention of hardship is penned in this letter.
 Calico Puzzle--Block #16
"In our home we have the best music, a piano, a phonograph, a bookcase filled with good books, our library table covered with many of the best magazines and papers." She also mentions the fact that in the past "the country woman almost always wore an ugly calico 'wrapper' and her one 'Sunday dress' was worn for years." I bet Mrs. Farmer and her daughters wore the latest fashions, don't you!
 The fairy tale life ends this way: "The farmer's wife of today enjoys life to the fullest. Her opportunities are limited only by time and strength."
 Ozark Maple Leaf--Block #63
 "Yes, I hope that my daughter marries the man of her dreams -- the farmer of tomorrow -- and 'lives happily ever after' in the home of my dream -- the country home of the future."
Only three more letters are left in the book. I can hardly believe it! Be sure to catch Cindy's blog today and find out if she wants to move to the country too! I can't wait to see her pretty blocks.

In other news: Mr. Lollyquiltz pulled #30 out of the hat (well, really, a bowl) for the Bleachers pattern give away today. The winner is Cindy of Rose Room Quilts. Congratulations! Send me an email with your address so that I can get those patterns in the mail. Thanks, everyone for reading my blog and  for your lovely comments. You really make my day!  It was interesting to learn that the word 'bleachers' is not universal and was a new vocabulary word for some in Australia and England, especially! 


  1. Only 3 more letters, how fantastic is that. Reading your blog last week inspired me to get my blocks and fabric out again. I have previously made 16 blocks and have cut out 7 this week to stitch over the next few days. A long way to go but at least I am working on the quilt again.

  2. Oh, these are so pretty! The blue one especially is gorgeous with its fussy cut motifs and spots! Nearly there....

  3. OOOHHH I love that grey and blue block, so pretty!

  4. Great blocks Carla! That green Katie Jump Rope is one of my favorite fabrics!

  5. These blocks are great, as usual!Your quilt is going to be so amazing!