Friday, June 8, 2012

Farmer's Wife Friday--Emphatically, Yes!

Franklin County, Ohio, is the home of this weeks' farm wife. Her letter is well written and contains compelling reasons for wanting her daughter to marry a farmer: "I want her to lead the life her father and mother have led, plus the added capacity for living which her superior education has given her." 
 I had to smile at this sentence: "...labor-savors reduce our work, not to the standard of a crocheting, gossiping, and shopping routine, thank God! but to the place where with work systematized and each child assigned tasks proportionate to his size, we have time for recreation and the enjoyment of other families."  I'm a big proponent of giving children appropriate tasks, teaching them a healthy work ethic. But, I do wonder what she would think of spending time quilting, if in fact, her regard for crocheting was apparently low! (Have you noticed the lack of any mention of quilting in our letters so far?!)
 Old Windmill-Block #62
Incidentally, when I created the above block, I took the liberty to flip the triangles along the upper and lower rows. As I studied the diagram in the book, I felt that there would not be a repeat pattern if I were to make an entire quilt using the pattern as shown. I kind of think that the author attached the rows backwards accidentally, but that's just me.
 Windows-Block #109
Using good business sense was important to this farm wife: "The farmer of today, to be successful, must be educated, alert, and scientific in his methods."Apparently it was a dark time for agriculture, but she was certain that the future was bright.
 Streak of Lightening-Block #92
She goes on to say, "But even times of depression can not materially affect the farmer's living as they do the city man's, for he has his food from his own soil, vegetables, fruits, grains, milk and meats; so financially, I would say his is the most independent of occupations."
 Whirlpool-Block #102
Mrs. Farmer, as we have been told by so many before her, is certain that the farm life will bring true happiness to a married couple. "No other conditions could be more suited toward fostering the mental and moral development of our future generation."
 One of the first sentences written by this wife is: "The farmer's wife today has plenty of work but, rightly managed, there is no drudgery." The reason for this, is the use of electricity to power labor-saving devices, including a washing machine. If you've wondered about the item that I used as a background for today's blocks, here is a full view as it hangs on the wall above my washer.
The washboard is the same one used by my own farmer's wife grandmother, probably even in the 1920's, the same as our farmer's wife author. It is a reminder to me of both my heritage and the harder life experienced by those who came before me. I should never have anything to complain about! Be sure to stop by Cindy's blog to see her blocks this week. She always has great thoughts about the letter too.


  1. All 4 of those blocks together look dynamite!

  2. I may have never commented, but I've been watching your blocks since you started. They are always so bright & cheery. You're going to end up with a fabulous quilt!

  3. Love these, Carla! Great choice of photo background especially.

  4. All the blocks are great! The whirlpool is my favourite this week though- just my colours I guess! Not long now....

  5. Ooh! You're almost at the finish line! I'm wondering if anyone other than you and Cindy have made it this far? I agree with Diane - your quilt is going to be fabulous!

  6. Hey Carla! Franklin County, Ohio is where I live and the same county you visited late last summer! Your blocks look great and I am with Susan, whirlpool is lots of fun!

  7. These are looking great - how many more??

  8. Beautiful blocks, as always! The washboard is such a great keepsake, too. Lucky you to have it... and not have to actually use it! Seeing it does make one stop and appreciate the conveniences we have, whether it's the difference between an agitator washing machine and a high efficiency washing machine. By the way, when I was growing up, I lived in Franklin County, Ohio.

  9. No great thoughts this week, that's for sure! Your blocks are extra wonderful this week. And I love that you photographed them on the old washboard. Another reason to love your posts each week--sure beats my blocks which are always photographed straight on, on my design wall...