Friday, March 2, 2012


Yesterday afternoon it got up to 71 degrees here in Missouri. Today's crazy weather....
 So if you are here looking for Farmer's Wife Friday, she let me know that she won't be showing off any quilt blocks today, because there's just too much to do on the farm. I hear that Cindy's farm wife is experiencing some of the same complications. Come back next Friday for the next Farmer's Wife post! Meanwhile, I've finally finished cleaning and organizing my sewing closet.....Yay!
 The hexagon quilt is ready for binding. (I love that last step! Do you?) Hopefully, Monday, I will have some pictures to show you of the finished project....looking forward to listing it as a "finish" for 2012! Here's a hint of my non-traditional quilting for these traditional hexies...
 How fun to read all of your "young" ages for the Leap Day Giveaway! (It seems that most of us would rather stay our age than go back to the teenage years!) "Welcome" to the new Lollyquiltz followers! I hope that you enjoy seeing my projects and that it inspires you somehow in your quilting creations. Comment often as I love to get to know everyone in this fun community! Thanks for entering the giveaway...I wish I had a spool of thread for everyone.
My Random number selector (my hubby, Fred) chose these numbers as the winners of  the Masterpiece thread, bobbins and AMH voiles:
#5--Felicity from Vancouver, BC, #114--Barbara from Idaho, and #172 Toni Anne from New York. I'll get your prize in the mail later day, if I can get out of my drive-way in the tractor. (Just kidding, it's already stopped snowing!) Have a great weekend!


  1. I think our farmers wives are at a seed convention. At least that's what I heard...

    I LOVE the quilting on your hexie quilt. And congrats to the winners and everyone who played along on this fun giveaway.

  2. Love your nontraditional quilting. I'm a firm believer! I want to reorganize my sewing room. I think I'll need to start by emptying it and starting over. I hope your farmers' wives aren't working too hard. They could really use a vacation!

  3. woohoo! look at that closet! can't wait to see what all that organization inspires!!!

  4. Wow, you need to come and organize my fabric for me, mine is a huge MESS!!
    I HATE binding a quilt, it hurts my hands. It's my least favorite thing to do in the quilting process, followed closely by squaring up blocks!

  5. I like binding the quilt, holding it and admiring it as I inch along, savoring the sweetness of the finish!

  6. I have a love-hate relationship with binding. I find it tedious, but it makes me happy because it means I'm nearly done with the quilt! Thanks again for the giveaway - I am happy to "use up my luck" on my winnings here.