Friday, March 23, 2012

Farmer's Wife Friday--The Heart of a Farmer

After several weeks of making four blocks to illustrate the farmer's wife letter, it was a treat to only have to turn out two for today's posting....and easy one's, I thought! (It's been cloudy and rainy here, so my pictures are bit strangely colored.) Our letter today is short and to the point, written by a lady from North Dakota. 
 If her daughter wants to marry a farmer, here are the 5 questions she will ask her:
1. Is he fit to be the father to her children?
2. Will they be proud to call him Father?
3. Is he kind and considerate?
4. Has he strength, courage and ambition enough to make a home?
5. Is he willing to sacrifice some of his boyhood pleasures for her sake?
With a "yes" answers to this quiz, I'd say a young man, whether from the city or the country, would make a wonderful mate, don't you!
 Gentleman's Fancy-Block #44
She feels that, "With few exceptions, the heart of the farmer is in his home; that of his city cousin is too often in a down-town club or playhouse."
 Basket Weave-Block #4
Okay, I'm not really loving this Basket Weave block. It looks like a swastika to me. I should have paid more attention to my color placement to avoid this look. Bummer.
Our author expounds that, "Above all, let us not make workshops of our homes."  By that, she encourages more places to go and do to "get out and shake off some of the dust of monotony". 
"Let's get out of the rut!" she says. Cindy is never in a rut with her blocks or musings. I hope that you are following along with her sampler blocks, as well.
Now, if you are feeling in a rut yourself, I've just the thing to help you shake it off today, brought to you by my crazy, non-farmer son-in-law  and my granddaughter, Lula. Watch and smile...


  1. Your blocks are just so beautiful! But yes, I agree, that one does look like a swastika, but I've seen a bunch of them that do look like that, so it is what it is, at least it's a pretty swastika! ;)

  2. That video is priceless! Creativity does run in your family, me thinks.

  3. Loved the video!!!
    Yes, it does look like a Swastika, but that was a block before it was a symbol of evil. It could also look like two question marks if the colors were shifted just a little.

  4. Love your blocks. But oh my goodness, that video is hilarious!!!

  5. Nice blocks, Carla, but your son out shown you with that video! It's just a hoot! I bet Lula had lots of fun doing that with her Daddy. I'm so glad you shared it with us.

  6. The blocks are pretty, even if one is not perfect! Love the teeth video! Lula is cute! He's right- they're aren't many words that rhyme with teeth!!!

  7. Yep, the video certainly did make me smile! Your little ginger tooth fairy is adorable, especially the way she took her daddy's silliness in stride.

    (I'm also bothered by blocks that end up looking like a swastika, even though it was an ordinary symbol in many cultures before it became associated with the Nazi regime. I've also remade a few blocks for that reason. I think that says something good about us.)

  8. Love the blocks, but that video? It's wonderful! Thanks for sharing! Lula is definitely a great tooth fairy and your son-in-law is a super dad.

  9. What a fun video. Must be barrel of laughs at Megan's house!