Friday, March 16, 2012

Farmer's Wife Friday-High Lights and Shadows

Friday has rolled around again... time for another letter and blocks from the Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt. Today's wife, from Grand Forks County, North Dakota gives us a little different outlook on the country life than most of the previous writings.
 Her letter begins, "I have lived on the farm and in the city. I have found high lights and shadows in each. Life on the farm is not the simple combination of fresh air, flower gardens, butter and eggs that some city sisters envy us for, and yet--I would have my two daughters marry farmers because I think they will be most likely to find there the three conditions that make for a married woman's happiness."
 Steps to the Altar--Block #89
Her first condition for happiness is for the farmer and his wife to be real partners in running the farm..."always know that both are working for what both spend." Good advice for any couple, I say!
Linoleum--Block 55
Second, a happy farm wife "must have a reasonable number of conveniences." Her hope is that her daughters will "have electric power, running water and other conveniences that city housekeepers have", things that this wife did not have herself. My, how times have changed. (I'd probably add high speed internet, but that's just me.)
Puss in the Corner-Block 71
The third important condition is that "her children must have the best possible chance." Living in the country, this farm family has plenty of open space for kids to run and play, "a field, a piece of the woods, a stream of water and pets." Balancing all of this freedom with education in town provides the best of both worlds. What child wouldn't thrive in those conditions! I always love seeing my own grandies run and play when they come to visit me here in the country.
 Storm Signal-Block 90
Realistically she knows that, "happiness does not rest solely on the question of city or country but I do think that, considering the steady improvement in living conditions on the farm, the greatest possibilities lie in that direction."
I liked this practical letter. The author has a good head on her shoulders, don't you think! I wonder what Cindy thought. I'm going there now to find out. Join me?


  1. Those blocks are so pretty! I especially love the Puss in the Corner, so my colors!
    The letter was wonderful and so appropriate for today except I agree we need our internet access!

  2. Your blocks are SO cheerful. Love your Steps to the Altar. I so enjoyed chatting yesterday. We must do that more often!

  3. I love linoleum block #55. Great fabrics and colors.

  4. More gorgeousness!! Linoleum is stunning and I love the snippets, she sounds very smart!!

  5. I just love all the fabrics in your blocks. pretty!!!

  6. Your fabrics for the blocks have a 50's vintage look. I like it. None of that type fabric in my stash but I am thinking I should add some.