Friday, March 30, 2012

Farmer's Wife Friday--Marry a Good Farmer

"A home is not a home unless it is full of cheerfulness and kindness." That's how today's farm wife, from Worcester County, Massachusetts begins her letter.She goes on to describe how valuable farm life is to the raising of healthy children, especially when "every member of the family has his own work to do." 
Snowball-Block #81
All is not work, of course. There's lots to do on a farm that will "build our country boys and girls fair and true". This wife is also ready to admit that "the financial problem is always a problem on the farm." She recognizes the struggles especially of young farmers.
Economy-Block #29
Being an optimist, though, leads her to conclude that, "prosperity and all good come to those who work industriously and have within their souls the love of their work."
Here's a pretty wreath made with the last 12 completed blocks. I"m an optimist myself, and am working industriously to finish all 111 blocks in this sampler. I'm counting on my love of quilting leading to a good outcome and a pretty quilt in the end!
Not having  a large design wall, like my friend Cindy, to showcase all 82 blocks made so far, I lay them all out on a flannel backed tablecloth to admire and then fold it up to store until next time.
Be sure to check out Cindy's solids only blocks and her thoughts on this letter. See you next week for two blocks a bit more complicated than the simple ones in this week's letter.


  1. That very first line is a mouthful! And absolutely true! And worth the effort to attain:) Your blocks are beautiful!

  2. I spy watermelon fabric. Interesting to see all the different fabrics you have used.

  3. I love reading the stories with each bloak as much as I enjoy seeing the completed blocks.

  4. what a beauty this quilt will be!!!!

  5. This quilt is going to be just amazing. Your blocks are so well done and look so nice. I am very jealous, yet there's NO WAY I am ever going to make this quilt. :)

  6. I love the pops of red and green!

  7. These are so beautiful! I think I'll settle for admiring your quilt, Carla. Congratulations on a growing beauty
    ; )