Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sew To Speak

On our way to Maine....
We found ourselves driving through Columbus, Ohio. 
My long suffering husband often indulges my desire to stop at quilt shops 
along our route when traveling. 
"Oh look! There's Sew to Speak! I wonder if Mary is there today?!"
"Well, what do you know....she is!"
And look at all of this beautiful fabric lining the walls of this 
'cute as a button' shop.
Oh! They are even having a sale on many of the fabrics. 
I could do some major damage here!
There is inspiration at every turn. I can really see that Mary has lots to choose from
in creating her gorgeous projects.
There's one now!  Pinch me! Am i really here, seeing this in person?
What a lovely hour spent with my invisible friend, Mary from Molly Flanders,
who is now my in-the-flesh friend! 
We really hit it off....Too bad I don't live just up the street!
Look what made it's way home in my suitcase....
 Mary was so sweet to gift me with these cute fat quarters 
packaged up in an adorable little bag that she had made just for me!
(There were killer chocolate chip cookies, too!)
It was hard to leave, but my dear hubby was waiting patiently
and we still had lots of driving to do to reach our destination...
See you tomorrow for Farmer's Wife Friday!


  1. Hello Carla
    I found you through Mary.
    Now I'm totally jealous of your visit.
    Thanks for sharing such a fabulous place!

  2. You and Mary look so cute together. I'm glad you had another face-to-face encounter with a fellow blogger. Really, isn't it remarkable how we KNOW so many people (quilters ARE the best) all across the US? How fun for you, especially to enjoy such a pretty shop. Did you get to stay more than 15 minutes?

  3. Thanks for sharing your visit with us! I am terribly jealous, because Mary and I have an email friendship and hope to meet one day, we just have to negotiate the 9,400 miles (15,000km) between us first! Lovely to have those fabrics and memories to take away with you!

  4. nice post...i love fabric too. my husband use to travel with his job and i would go with him when i was able to get away. if only i had been the crazed quilter then. well maybe not, he would never made it to his work location. Maine was one of my favorite places, it's like a different world. slow and easy. enjoy maine and your new fabric. :>)

  5. just read the other post on your Maine trip. i was fortunate to go during peak color. everywhere you looked was postcard perfect. the fence with the wooden buoys reminded me of the wonderful colors. the leaves were red red and yellow yellow, the beautiful white churches, the fences and the adorable lighthouses. WOW. enjoy. :>)

  6. Ooo! How exciting!

    Good on you, Mr LollyQuiltz; you and my husband are a breed apart!

  7. Carla! It was wonderful to meet you and it was so fun to show off our shoppe! Everyone who works there loves it so much! You are as sweet in person as you are on your blog - I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to become your real life friend :)

  8. Beautiful photos and a quilt shop stop besides - a great vacation for sure.

  9. How fun that the two of you got to meet!
    ; )

  10. So nice that you and Mary could meet in person! Awaiting my turn...