Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fun in the Sun

Our recent vacation to Maine found my husband and I spending the night
in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.
 We almost wrecked several times because it was so hard
to drive with our heads hanging out of the windows looking at all of the beautiful old homes in the area. This one, Old Mission House, built in 1739, by a missionary to the Stockbridge Indians, is no exception! 

 Below is how the house looked on a postcard from 1908. 
It has since been beautifully restored, as you can see.
The fence around the property is obviously not original, but it is quite old. 
 Isn't it just incredible? Look at that curved section!
 Having just finished sewing down the binding on my little 
"Fun in the Sun" quilt, I decided that the fence was a perfect backdrop for the contemporary colors and fabrics .
 "Fun in the Sun" will be sold at a silent auction 
being held by my quilt guild in October.
 For some reason this barn behind the Old Mission House makes me think of fall, pumpkins and apple cider doughnuts! Love them all!
Tomorrow, I'll show you the third quilt that I finished binding during my long car ride to Maine, "No Prints Allowed", photographed outside of the cottage that we rented in Maine. Hope you have time to stop by!
P.S. Just in case anyone is worried, no fence was harmed in filming of this post...I used tiny straight pins to hold it up.


  1. I hope you made it to Sturbridge Village which is a living history museum right next door to Stockbridge. If not, you'll have to do it next year! I am enjoying your photos - that quilt is gorgeous.

  2. Did you visit Norman Rockwell's house/museum? And did you get to the Country Curtains place? Sturbridge is a wonderful place, as Vivika mentioned, also.

    Love that quilt-so different! And that curved fence is amazing! Great place to take photos!

  3. Carla,

    Beautiful pictures! Your quilt against the rustic backdrop looks absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Oh- now I want to go there more than ever! The quilt is fantastic! I love that you used Heath for the background and the black just sets everything off so nicely!

  5. I love your Fun In The Sun! I hope it makes lots of money at your auction.

  6. Beautiful quilt, beautiful background.

  7. Great quilts!! What a perfect thing to do on a road trip.....finish binding!!

  8. Your quilt shows so beautifully in this backdrop. A pretty quilt in a pretty place! You're so brave to put your quilt out there and take these pictures... and Fred is so understanding!

  9. The Old Mission House is breathtaking and so is your quilt.

  10. Beautiful scenery - just as I imagined Maine to be!

  11. Beautiful quilt, beautiful setting. Um, can I participate in the auction??

  12. With the bright blue, I would have to call your "fun in the sun" quilt "blue skies" :) So much fun to catch up with all your colorful, creative adventures! Thanks, again, for sharing:)

  13. Do you have a pattern for fun in the sun? It's adorable!