Friday, September 30, 2011

Farmer's Wife Friday--A Wonderful Gift

A couple of things stand out to me about the letter accompanying this week's four sampler blocks. First and foremost, the reasonable and respectful attitude that Mrs. I. G., from Wisconsin, portrays in her words make me think that I would enjoy sharing a cup of coffee at her breakfast table.
 It's obvious that she is a very content farmer's wife when she wishes, "that my daughter, the Princess, wed the Prince of Soil, and live happily ever after in God's country, land of sunshine and flowers, health and happiness." Perhaps she would make the Princess and Prince a lovely quilt using this Single Wedding Star block.....
I really like the Wedding Star looks like a flower to me. My wheels are turning with ideas for using it, maybe in a larger size!

Growing up on farm myself, I remember clearly having lots of jobs to help my mother out with her many chores and lack of some conveniences. Life in the country is not for the lazy, that's for certain. The Country Farm block went together pretty easily, but I was happy to have the modern convenience of a rotary cutter and rulers to make my block!
My thoughts on child-rearing today match this farmer's wife's reflections even though my children were not raised on a farm. She says, "In farm homes each child is taught daily to perform some tasks and be responsible for their being well done; this fits him to perform capably the serious tasks of later life. Too few city children are taught to be industrious at a time when the habit of industry ought to be formed." I couldn't have said it better myself!
The block above is named water wheel. If you really look at it, you can see the water tipping out of the little cups on the wheel, I think! The easiest block this week was Northern Lights. I wish I could see some reason to call it that, but I can't. Still, it's a nice block to represent something that the farm family may have enjoyed seeing in the sky.
I loved the wife's outlook on life summed up in this last thought, "Last but not least, of all the restless world, we, from the beauty and tranquility of the country, the knowledge of our use to the world and our independence, have in our souls the peace and content that money cannot purchase. That surely is a wonderful gift." 
Happily, I can report 40 blocks done so far.  Let's see, that's only 71 to go! I spread them all out together to get a good view of the overall look. I'm looking forward to seeing Cindy's solid blocks all different than mine.
Do you see any colors that I need to be using more or less of? Too much red? Should I start adding any other colors? (I will probably use white sashing with the blocks.) I am open to away!


  1. I love the grey in some of those blocks. Maybe more of that? Maybe a little more yellow?

    You haven't gone overboard with red, but it could tip over the line soon. :)

    I just love the Farmer's Wife blocks come alive in blogs... If I only had time to participate. But the book is on my Christmas Wish List. I'll probably join in on the fun in 2021.

  2. Your blocks are looking amazing! I also love that Wedding Star block ~ and also wondering what else could be done with it!

  3. Gorgeous! I think it needs a little more yellow. :)

  4. Carla!
    This quilt is going to be gorgeous! It reminds me of my friend from Pinkadots Quilts.
    As far as the colors go, I see spark of old fashioned B/W prints scattered here and there. I think it will give those grays another depth.

  5. The squares are all beautiful! What about purple? Perhaps more purple, orange, brown, and grey would round out the colors nicely.

  6. I really love the combination of your colors/prints. I think you have a good balance right now. How I love your comments on the letters!

  7. your blocks are lovely. Nice post.

  8. I have never had any desire to make those blocks but the book sounds like a very interesting read!