Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How I Almost Won a Harley!

"Hello. This is the 7-up Bottling Co. calling for Carla to tell her that she is a finalist in a drawing with the Harley Davidson Company."
"Well, uhhhh. I don't remember ever entering a contest like that."
"The drawing is connected to your Price Chopper Shopper card."
"Oh. Okay. What's the prize?"
"(laughter) It's a motorcycle!" She may have said stupid silly under her breath, I'm not sure.
My husband googled the cycle later and found out that it was worth a bunch of $$$! I wondered how many finalist there would be when I showed up at the grocery store parking lot on a recent Saturday morning. Hmm....not very many cars really. Maybe I had a chance! A shiny new quilting machine Harley could be in my future!
 It turned out that there were only 19 finalists. Oh, boy! This was definitely better odds than I had expected. Shiny new quilting machine, I mean motorcycle, here I come. I drew the first chance to start up the cycle. I just had to pick the right key out of that cute little green lunch box....
 "You guys are all going to be sad when I start this baby up", I bragged. The biker guy from Harley Davidson even told me how to put the key in urged me on!
 Why is he laughing? Bummer, it didn't start! I can't believe it. No Nolting Harley in my near future. ( I even had a nice name picked out for her that started with an H!)
 The ninth lady in line (a cute little soccer mom) started that puppy right up! Her husband and two little kids cheered. I wondered what she was going to do with a Harley. About as much as I was, I expect! The other 18 of us losers went home with $100 gift card from Price Chopper. Yeah! I can drown my sorrows in ice cream!
  I guess I'll just have to send this quilt top that I found lurking in my sewing closet off to someone who really has a nice quilting machine named Harley. Maybe they will know what to do with it!
Oh well, it sure made for an exciting Saturday morning!


  1. Shoot! Winning a Harley would beat a Fat Quarter any day!!! Love the quilt!

  2. Oh funny! I have a good friend whose husband bought a Harley a few years back. They go out the back roads a couple times a week-I think you and your husband would have had great fun!

  3. It would have been a beautiful Nolting...LOL

  4. I'd take the Price Chopper gift card any day!

  5. Oh dear! Think of it this way - if you'd won it, you'd want to ride it and that would mean less time for other pursuits! LOL

  6. How exciting! You need to buy yourself a Harley T shirt, to remember your experience. As they all say "it's not the destination, it's the ride" We have a Harley and I love going for rides especially in the Fall.

  7. Wow, this was just really fun to read! I'm trying to imagine you on a Harley. It's a fun thought...

  8. WHat a great story to start of my day! Even if you didn't win the Harley, I mean Nolting, you put a smile on my face!