Friday, September 9, 2011

Farmer's Wife Friday--The Very Breath of Life

I found myself identifying with this week's farmer's wife in the FWQAL Sampler. This city girl, from New York, married a farmer "to whom the country is the very breath of life". She, like me, recalls how lonely her first years were in the country..."The long solitary days when for hours no sound broke the silence, save the hum of bees, the song of a bird, or the low of the cattle."
The 'Railroad' block reminds her of "town, bred in my very bones--to whom the sound of the locomotive,  the tread of passing feet, was music to me..."
And yet, to her "has come a love of country which surpasses all." Like my life in the country today, this farmer's wife says, "The country life is no longer the solitary place of ten years ago. The motor-horn is heard in the quietest places and the noise of machinery is on every hand." No doubt, a wrench was as handy a tool in the 1920's as it is today. This block is called 'Wrench'....
Now, I was a bit confused when I started making the Wrench block because it seemed so familiar. I dug through the blocks I had already made and look what I found....Hmm...That red one was called Churn Dash. If I was playing the Memory Game with my grand daughter, we would call that a match!" Same. Same." as Lula and Haven like to say. Since it is Block #111 (the last one in the book) maybe the author just ran out of ideas! ....probably not...
Oh, well! Sprinkle some powdered sugar on this, and it looks good enough to eat!
Cindy has some great blocks and comments on her Farmer's Wife Friday post today. Don't miss them, y'all.
See you next week!


  1. I love both the country and the city but these days it's hard to find the serene countryside. There's always some strange soul out cutting grass, running the tractor, speeding up and down the roads in their TRUCK!! Lordy, those things made a ton of noise. So, I could definately relate to the story about the wife who married a country man.

  2. Are they also constructed the same way?

    Your blocks look pretty together!

  3. Your blocks are absolutely beautiful. The colors are just so bright and cheery. LOVE them!!

  4. I'm loving what you are doing with the Farmer's Wife Sampler. Those colors would keep anyone happy while in a lonesome funk. By the way, I got to meet Laurie, the Farmer's Wife author, at the Madison Quilt Show last week. She's an interesting and generous person.