Friday, January 21, 2011

My Baby Quilts

Brrrr...... Baby, it's cold outside! The baby quilts are getting quite a workout at my house when the little girls come to visit. Just in case you'd like to see them...............
 This first one has been around since 2001. It's a Crazy Nine Patch that I made when teaching a class for Harper's Quilt Shop that year. It's a favorite for laying on the bed when a sleepy newborn needs a place to nap.
 The bright colors attract the attention of little ones during tummy time so it often is laying on the floor with toys and a baby on board!
 When colder weather merits a quilt to snuggle with in the crib, this Yellow Brick Road quilt is the one I turn to. The quilt was put together in 2006 and the more I wash it, the more snugly it gets!
 Isn't the Dick and Jane fabric just perfect coupled with the cute 30's reproductions?

 The back features Dick and Jane playing in the summer, making it a sort of reversible quilt. The Dick and Jane print always reminds me of my childhood and learning to read.
The addition to my latest baby quilt collection, the Disappearing Nine Patch I'm calling Happy Daisy, will get lots of love too, I'm certain!

In other news, I was pleased to be nominated this week for two awards by other bloggers!
First, both Jackie and Jodi of Sisters in Stitches awarded me the Stylish Blogger Award. 
Being a bit uncertain as to how this award originated, I'm a little suspicious that perhaps it may not really be meant for a blog about quilting, even though I do think that the bird on my header is pretty cute! I'm asked to pass the award on to 8 other blogs, but being a bit rebellious, I am going to l limit it to only two that I think really are stylish......
Another part of the award is to pass on to you, 8 things about me that you might not know.
So....since this is a blog about my love of quilting, here are 8 color combos that I would love to include in a quilt sometime:
1. red/robin's egg blue/pink/white 2. grey/ yellow/white 
4. grey/aqua/ white 5. brown/light blue/white 6. brown/purple/white
8. green/turquoise/white
(I'm a bit enamoured with white, huh?!)
Cindy at Rose Room Quilts also nominated me for the Liebster Award, which is given to blogs with less than 300 followers, but are an interesting read.  The recipient is then asked to pass it on to 3 other blogs to help spread the word about great reads.
My nominations are Teaginny Designs,  a blog by a fellow Kansas Citian with incredible talent, Andie Johnson Sews who is always sewing up something cute, and Elizabeth's blog Don't Call Me Betsy who is just starting her first quilt-along.
I hope you will pay these great blogs a much deserved visit!


  1. Thank you so much for thinking of me, Carla, that's so sweet!!! :)

  2. Awesome quilts. I just love that new disappearing 9-patch! Having little ones love quilts is just the best. Your red and aqua block is really cute and I'm making note of your color combinations as well. Congrats on the well-deserved awards!

  3. How refreshing to see your brightly-colored quilts on such a cold, gloomy day. However, my BRRRR tops your brrrr! I'd like to give you that win though! Yellow Brick Road is a favorite pattern... one I loaned to an unremembered "someone" and never got back. (sigh)

    How fun for you to receive your blog awards. Great job of playing hard!

  4. All three of your baby quilts are lovely - colorful utility quilts at it's best! Congratulations on receiving your awards, Carla!
    ; )

  5. You rock, Carla! Thanks for the blog love - it means so much to me that people enjoy reading my blog. And those quilts - holy cow! You have some lucky babies at your house!

  6. sweeeeet baby quilts! And the grey/yellow/white color combo reminds me of a crocheted afgan we received as a wedding gift...the gal asked each of us, seperately, what our fave color was :) the grey/butter yellow afgan is the color of first light! i love it, and that color combo:)