Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Blanket for Frosty

 My little sweeties and I were finally able to get Frosty to visit yesterday.  Until then, the snow just wouldn't pack together enough to form a snowball. With temperatures reaching 50+, it was now or never!
Today, when I checked, Frosty was fading fast.  I had to search for his nose and never did find those pebble eyes. One arm had fallen off already.  I felt so sorry for Frosty that I decided he could use a little cheering up! A cozy blanket.... that's what he needed!  I had just the thing....fresh off the sewing machine and needing a place to land!!

Yes, I finally got my Innocent Crush quilt top together. I don't know why I had so much trouble finishing this cute Serendipity wasn't difficult or anything....I just had to force myself to keep going back and sewing on it...a little here and a little there.  Do you every have a quilt effect you like that?  I may add a little khaki border...still deciding about that. Oh ya, there's the quilting to do, as well. But still..........!
I think Frosty really felt happy modeling Serendipity and if he can just hang on another 24 hours, I hear another snowstorm will arrive and he'll be able to stay and visit a while longer!
I know that would make somebody happy!


  1. Your granddaughters are as cute as can be, and so's Frosty. Love his hat! The quilt is just the right cheery note on a bright wintery day. Don't leave it out for more snow to fall on! Stay snug these next few days.

  2. Sounds like a great time with the grandkids!! I love the quilt. What cute pictures!!

  3. I love the quilt! I have a copy of the pattern and can't wait to ge time to make it :)
    Cute grandkids and snowman too! It's 42 degrees celsius (108 F) here today and I'd love to have a little snow.

  4. Poor Frosty. I would love 50 degree weather right now. 20 and windy doesn't do it for me. The snow we got last night was all fluff so Frosty would have been blown away here.

  5. Cute model for your lovely top! It was fun to see how your fabric choices changed the look of Jennifer's clever pattern.
    So happy the snow is melted around here. Just waiting for spring...
    ; )

  6. Wow. Frosty is lucky to get such a beautiful quilt to keep him warm! Cute kiddos, too!

  7. How fun! I want some snow here so I can take one quilt picture with snow...

    Love the quilt! Your fabric choices are really beautiful!

    Jennifer :)