Monday, January 24, 2011

Just Playing

Just playing for 15 minutes (or so!) before I begin on the REAL sewing for the day has gained me this so far.............
 It's been so much fun, that it truly is like play. It might even become a habit.  We'll see. How long does it take for that to happen? Anyhoo, I've been playing around with ideas of how to set the blocks together, too. Thank you, Kleenex, for the inspiration!
 These helter-skelter blocks have lots of seams.  Sometimes, I press to the side....other times I press the seams just depends on the "seam situation". But, regardless, this little spray bottle of Best Press has become my best friend. It was on sale at Hancock's one day and I decided to give it at try, after hearing so many rave about it's virtues. 
Well, I'm here to join the band wagon of singing the praises of this product...and it smells good, too. All those seams are under control and lying flat, just the way I like flakes or stiffness. It's incredible, really! 
I see that you can buy refill bottles....better get some.... I know, I'll need lots more!
Wonder what scent I should try next?


  1. Amazing what that little box of kleenex inspired! I'm using the same box. I haven't started yet but it will be interesting to see how different they undoubtedly will be.

    Um, Best Press. Love it. My favorite: odorless. Sorry. not much help.

  2. After that great press will have a new customer! ;)

  3. Fun blocks! They look so freeing!

    I was lucky to get free samples of Mary Ellen's Best Pressed when it first came on the market. That's because I wrote a product review article for a trade magazine. I was sent lavender scent, and highly recommend it. Good stuff!

  4. I buy best press by the gallon when JoAnns has a 50% off coupon (they only have it online). The only bad thing is, if you get a lot of overspray on your ironing board after a while it get's discolored. (but I love it anyway)

  5. Definitely try the lavender scent... This may sound weird, but it reminds me of a freshly cleaned hotel room.

    Love the Kleenex box quilt! You are amazingly creative and are an inspriation to me everytime I look at your blog. :o)

  6. I'm an unscented fan, but the gallon size is the only way to go! I didn't know about Joann's carrying it, but may have to check it out. It's a bit expensive here in Jeff City.

  7. I, too, love Best Press...and then I read about how to make my OWN Best Press! I posted about it on my blog - I made a bottle for everyone in my quilt group after reading about it on Freda's Hive, but there are recipes for homemade starch on the internet and it is super easy, fast AND cheap!!! Plus, if you use lavender essential oil it will smell just like Best Press! Love your quilts! xo, Nan