Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I've been beezy sewing up some blocks for my Bee pals.......................
 Here's the January house block for Calendar of Houses Bee. Terrie in California gets this one. She says it snows in her neck of the woods of CA, so hopefully this is still appropriate.
(The block doesn't look very square, but in person, it really is....I swear!) I decided to add the tree and bird after I had the block all finished. I should have realized that it would need a little color in that corner.... Better plan ahead better next time to avoid pulling out so much hair! Argh!!
 The One Block Over Bee is a new one for me this year. First up is Michele in SC who sent us these pretty Meadowsweet fabrics and asked for 14 inch wonky log cabins. She's also requested that the solid lime and aqua fabrics be present in each block. It was lovely to get to work with springtime colors!
My little batch of Kleenex Box play is growing.  I'm beginning to think about how I might set them together.  Thank you Victoria for your  inspiration of playing with fabric for 15 minutes each day! (My 15 minutes usually gets multiplied, I'm just sayin'!)


  1. Loving your Kleenex Box thing-y! I have a similar little collection, but yours is much more appealing. And those bee blocks were fun, huh? Great colors and the blocks came together nicely!

  2. I love all your blocks. I'm sure the owners will love them too. Your Kleenex box quilt is looking good.