Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mail Bag

Have you heard the rumor that the U.S. postal service may discontinue Saturday deliveries? I don't want that to happen, so have been doing my part to keep the mailbags full! I made a trip to the post office just yesterday to mail off a few of my Bee blocks before the end of the month.
This paper-pieced hexagon Christmas Flower went to New York City for Victoria in the
 One Block Over Bee. She sent the reds and we added greens from our own stashes.
Lynette in Wisconsin gets this March themed house in the Calendar of Houses Bee.I like to add a little selvage to the blocks.
 I didn't actually mail this one, but thought I'd show it anyway. Angela gave us blue and cream fabrics and asked for a six inch wonky star. I was happy to oblige! Angela and I are part of the  MQG Kansas City Scrappy Bee. I'll be seeing her soon, I hope.

My mailbox has been full with some fun stuff lately too!
I came across some Katie Jump Rope fabrics and decided to treat myself.  You may have noticed that I've already used a couple of them in the Bee blocks above. 
These other items are very special, as well!
The Sherbet Pips charm pack contains some of the cutest fabric I've seen. I keep thumbing through the squares, picking out my favorites and dreaming up ways to use the fabric once it becomes available in April. 
Do you know what this book is?
It's the Blogt2Print copy of the 2010 Lollyquiltz posts that my husband gave to me for my birthday! Wasn't that nice of him to let me  order it! If you haven't seen one of these "diaries" yet, I'll just tell you that it is a fun treat! You can choose your own cover color and design, as well as pictures for the front and back. My dedication reads, 
"To Megan for talking me into starting a blog....and to all of the lovely, invisible and visible quilty friends I've gained because of it!"
(Megan is my lovely daughter.)
This last jewel that arrived in the mail two days ago, is my favorite! You can get a glimpse of who sent it to me on the card packed in the shipping box. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow since this post has gotten a little long already. I'm saving the best for last!


  1. Carla, I'm so glad your daughter talked you into starting the blog. It's a joy to read about you and your quilting life. Thanks for the tip on the book with all the blog posts - what fun!!

  2. I think the quilters can keep the postman busy if we put our mind to it!!!

    Your bee blocks are all wonderful and the pin cushion is fabulous. I love her work.

  3. Wow! Good mail days!
    That rumor has been flying for at least 10 years now, about the post office and Saturday delivery. I, too, hope it never happens!

  4. You have Saturday postal delivery? Wowsers... up here in Canada, I don't believe we ever had Saturday delivery...

  5. I know, I know (madly waving to the far north of you)... the pin cushion is from your twin! I peeked. What a perfectly lovely gift.

    Your blog book looks so nice. And you have some yummy fabrics to work with.

    As for a possible Saturday mail stoppage... it's been coming for a long time. And can't you see it in the nothing-but-junk you get on Saturday? I think this is yet another way that technology is changing our world.

  6. Carla, dear sister, you are the best. I love to get happy mail. But I'm more happy that we found each other through the amazing internet.

  7. Fun things that the mail brings!!! Wow! Isn't blogland and quilting fun??

  8. can't wait to see the blog book! thanks for including me in the dedication. :)