Thursday, June 12, 2014

Where I Quilt

Since posting photos of my quilting set up, there have been several  questions about my frame and machine. Today, I'll show you a few more pictures and do a little before and after reveal of my quilting space.
 Some of you commented that you've never seen anything like my frame. Well, frankly, that's probably because of it's age! LOL. I purchased my wooden frame about 10 years ago when I was blown away after seeing a domestic machine mounted on a movable carriage that would turn it into a 'short' long-arm! It was revolutionary to my thinking and affordable!
 Since then, the Grace Frame Co. has come out with much nicer steel frames. I'd dearly love to have one. I'd also love to have a machine with a longer harp. They were not available when I purchased my Juki TL 98E on ebay. I love my machine though and would use it for piecing if I upgrade.
 As you can probably see, the quilt backing and top are rolled onto the three aluminum bars much like a long arm set up. I can quilt from the back or the front of the machine by moving the wooden handles that then move the platform which moves the sewing machine. It's simple. It works. And, I've finished many quilts that would probably still be just tops if I hadn't purchased this frame and machine. I call my style of quilting utilitarian, anyway.
 I used to dread going to the basement to use the machine, though. Here's a "before" photo below....and this is actually halfway through the basement project: after my husband put up some walls.
 Below is an "after" photo taken from the same angle. You can see that we painted the floor and paneling and hung some fun light fixtures. We also paneled the end of the room with boards taken off of wooden pallets. That alcove area is our new "video game area. My husband wants a big screen TV there. I want to up grade my quilting frame. Hmmm.... 
 One of my favorite parts of my end of the room is this wall. The two windows were taken out of a house we used to live in. I painted the back of the large one with chalkboard paint for my grandchildren to draw on. Can you see the cat door on the bottom of that window? We tell the kids that behind the blue door is Marble's bedroom! (Ezra thinks we should paint the door!...he has no idea that I purchased the door because it looks like that!)
 I still have some decorating to and quilts to hang, etc. Hubby still has a bit of trim to nail up. I might set up a sewing center in the alcove to the left of that double door. I plan to paint the pool table some shade of blue/green to blend in with the floor.
At first, I wasn't too excited about that pool table so close to my quilting frame, but when I get bored quilting and need a break, I might just brush up on my skills and beat him one of these days!
Have a sunshine filled weekend! I hope you get to sew!!


  1. what is the harp? arm length? I am just clueless on this stuff.

  2. Your quilting space looks wonderful, Carla! Really! The floor color is just perfect. I wouldn't never have been brave enough to choose that myself. And the palette alcove is a really nice accent area for the rest of the room. It all looks so nice and bright too. Love the ceiling "globes." I bet you can be down there and not have a clue about what's going on in the world above you. Your quilting set-up looks really good too, though I can appreciate how you'd prefer having a machine with a longer throat. Still, it's obvious that what you have gets the job done. I'm glad you have such a nice space to go to now. It helps you want to quilt your quilts, doesn't it?

  3. Oh, what a delightful visit I have had with you today Carla! So much to see and comment on! (Maybe I will just pop in and we can chat!) I love the blue door with the giant scissors on the top! Don't go painting it- it's perfect like that! Your long arm set up looks fantastic! Of course I had to look at all the devices over at Grace Frame Co. Ah, one day! And I must ask- the quilt hanging over the back of the sofa! It looks like the top I have just finished. Have I seen this before? Perhaps your could direct me to the blogpost about it?

  4. thanks for showing us. love that window and door wall!

  5. Ooh! All that space!
    I like the wooden frame. I think I wood prefer it to a shiny metal one. Great windows and doors!

  6. My mother has a Gracie frame just like yours and also a Juki! Since she has macular degeneration and her eyesight is not as good as it used to be, this frame has helped her out tremendously!
    LOVE that blue door!

  7. Very cool! I didn't know you had a frame! I love your quilting area...its very nice. When you have some free can come help me do something with my basement!

  8. What a perfect set up. My dream is to have at least a midarm quilting machine. Currently I use a Juki 2010 which is in a very small cabinet for machine quilting. I'm quilting a 95" square quilt now trying to do sort-of-custom designs. I use a 1948 Singer for piecing. I hope to have a chance to quilt tomorrow.

  9. Thanks for this post Carla. Love learning a little more about your set-up. Maybe someday. Great idea with the chalkboard too.