Monday, June 16, 2014

Fractured Hexagons

 Last week, I was able to turn a UFO into a finished quilt. 
 Fractured Hexagons is a 40"X40" quilt designed by Jen Eskridge from Modern Baby. I made the top, sat it on a shelf and, sadly, just now got around to quilting it. 
 Since I'm planning to donate Fractured Hexagons to the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild's charity program called Birthday Blessings, I kept it simple and did stipple quilting on all of the background area. The hexagons each sport a little lazy daisy.
The backing is a favorite Ikea number print. (I'm anxious for Ikea to open in KC in the fall so that I can replenish my backing stash!)
 The peach-colored bicycle print binding is Weekends by Erin McMorris from a few years back.
All of these photos were taken before I have popped the quilt into the washer and dryer. I'll do that before donating it next month for a little one-year-old child in foster care. The quilt will be donated in memory of my friend, Sharon Brandli, who started the charity program for our guild. She passed away a few months ago after a courageous, years-long battle with cancer.
 Every little one should have a quilt to call their own, don't you think? I sure do.
 Do you have a favorite charity that you enjoy making quilts for?


  1. A lovely quilt for a special little one.... (I believe that the Ikea number print is being phased out. I'm going to buy up before I head away! Maybe you'll need to do the same!)

  2. Well done Carla! Love those hexies

  3. Our local quilting association makes quilts for many groups, but one of my favourite causes is the foster kids. You are right: they need something of their own as they are shuffled about from home to home.
    Great hexy daisies!

  4. It turned out darling, Carla. I'm so glad you took the time to finish this one, and for such a worthy cause. Good for you to put a big X and a "well done" on this one.

  5. What a fun and cheery little quilt! Great way to use hexies.

  6. Cute pattern, I know someone will love it!

  7. Sharon was my sister. Thank you for doing this for her.

  8. Sharon was my sister. Thank you for doing this for her.

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