Monday, June 9, 2014

Summer of the Skirt

This summer might just be the Summer of the Skirt since I can't seem to stop making them!
 Burda 9442 is my latest favorite for making a stylish, easy summer skirt. A plus for this pattern is that the envelope contains sizes 2 thru 9: perfect sizes for all the little girls in my life.
  The dropped waist style sews up in an afternoon. An elastic waist band means no zippers and an easy fit. I even cut the skirt out using my acrylic ruler and a  rotary cutter since all of the pieces are rectangles!
 Lining a skirt adds a designer quality, I think, and is simple to do using the same pattern pieces as the skirt itself. I used some Kona cotton that I had on hand and made the lining about an inch shorter than the skirt.
 The large bow is just pinned on so it can be removed for washing or for wearing the skirt with a longer shirt. Adding a label to the back is handy for the girls when dressing themselves.
 The pattern includes a double ruffle version which we will have to try next. This pattern is definitely a keeper!
The fabric for Jane's pink skirt is Briar Rose by Heather Ross. She loves the little bees wearing bonnets!
 Lula's skirt features an Art Gallery fabric called Sweet as Honey. Aren't the little deer adorable!
Oh, how I love sewing for little girls. Sigh!
 P.S. It started raining during our photo shoot but the models, though made of sugar, didn't melt!


  1. Oh Carla the skirts are so pretty! The picture of the girls hugging is too cute! I'm envious of their beautiful hair colour!

  2. Such darling little skirts! And little feet! And little girls :)

  3. They are so adorable! The skirts look very comfy and the tags are great!

  4. Nothing like little girls unless you are talking bout little boys such as my grandson. I sew for him, mainly pajamas, quilts and pillowcases. He loves to pick out the fabric and help me sew.

  5. So adorable Carla! And your skirts suit them perfectly!

  6. Sweet! Especially love the first and last pictures.

  7. Goodness! Cute, cute, cute! You're such a lucky Lolly! You're definitely having fun, and that's just great. The pattern looks good. That pic of the girls hugging is just tooooo adorable! Thanks to you, I've ordered my own labels from the same Etsy gal. Can't wait to see what she customizes for me.

  8. I am secretly hanging out for little redheaded step-granddaughters to sew for. I might still have a few years to wait, but I am patient.