Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Random July 365 Photo Challenge: Week 2

Welcome to another week of snapshots from my photo-a-day challenge. I have so many fun vacation photos that I couldn't help by use a few for this week's prompts.

Shadows:A wooden bridge, in the mountains of Colorado, in late afternoon light.

 Seven:Lula's daddy made her a puppet theater for her birthday. Seven of her dozen new puppets are checking it out!

 An Ordinary Moment: Things I use every day. (Isn't it ordinary to have a cell phone case that matches your blog header! LOL)

 Urban Art:In a small Colorado town, this is as urban as it gets!

 On the Street: For some reason, I just love doors! How fun to see them standing open rather than closed tight!

 A Framework: Now, here's a tree house any kid would want!

 Candid: A black and white photo helps you focus on the moment, and in this case, Lula's happiness at getting new pair of sunglasses!
Once again, thank you for taking a moment to see the little moments that make up "life" for me! See you tomorrow.


  1. How fun....your pics are great!

  2. The whole street in the blue door photo looks SO interesting!! Great photos again!

  3. I'm enjoying your photo series, even tho' I don't always comment. You have such lovely contrast in your photos--so nice!

    And how did you get a cell phone case to match your blog? I'm jealous!

    Elizabeth E.

  4. your pictures with the prompts are like poetry :)

  5. Great photos! That blue door picture is frame-worthy. You just keep getting better and better at photography.