Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Recipe for Adorable Baby Bibs

First, choose some cute fabrics from your scrap basket. Grab that old chenille bedspread hiding in your linen closet, too... it will make a great absorbent lining for the bibs.
You probably have a purchased bib that will work for a pattern. I like to use a paper bag to trace my pattern onto. Then, layer fabric and backing right sides together and cut out.
For my bibs, I didn't worry too much about using the straight of grain when cutting up the chenille, but instead paid attention to the pattern on the bedspread. I even put a little blue flower on one!
Next, sew around the layered fabric pieces leaving a small opening on one side to turn the bib through. Clip the curved area around the neck before turning and pressing. You might want to trim the seams to about 1/4inch wide if they seem too bulky.
 I top stitched close to the edge all around the bib to close the opening and neaten the outside of the bib. Attach a snap at the neck or use Velcro, as I did, to make the bibs reversible. 
 Now, go find a cute baby who needs some new bibs to keep her outfits dry and clean!
She will be the envy of all her friends in the nursery!
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  1. Now Carla, that is just too cute! Those eyes, and yes the bibs too

  2. Sweeter then sweet! Do you by chance know the dimension of a meal time bib?

  3. I am still marvelling at your beautiful chenille bedspread - and you cut it up!!!!! The baby is SO cute though!

  4. Those just could not be any cuter! LOVE!

  5. OMG!! That baby is adorable and the bibs are sweet too!! hehehe
    Thanks for sharing a great idea!!

  6. Cute baby deserves cute bibs!
    ; )
    Just wanted to let you know my mail to you were bounced back, when I tried to tell you thanks for a nice visit at my blog. (Using the mail address in your blog profile)

  7. Oh-so-cute (the baby), and oh-so-fun (the bibs). I am astounded at what you can whip up in no time, and it's always something sweet. Sigh... to have a baby girl... Anyway. This is about the best upcycled thing I've seen in a long time. Now we're all wishing we had an old chenille bedspread hidden away in a closet!

  8. These are very cute bibs! And a beautiful baby!

  9. These baby bibs are the sweetest bibs ever and yes, they were very adorable. I can't imagine that you have cut out your beautiful chenille bedspread and simply make it to a baby bib. Well, you effort is all worth it because I have seen that these baby bibs of yours turned out so cute and everyone of us like it so much.